CPG Brands & Digital Video: A Recipe for Increased Reach and Engagement

According to eMarketer’s new report, “CPG and Digital Video: Beyond Repurposing the Television Campaign,” both media buyers and agencies have noticed increased efforts by CPG brands to put more digital video online. Similarly, video advertising platform Videology found that CPG clients served the highest percentage of digital video ads in Q4 2013.

CPG Digital Video

In January 2014, Forrester Consulting released a survey in which brands cited targeted reach as one of the greatest advantages of online video marketing. The second greatest advantage was its ability to reach consumers not exposed to ads on TV. This is especially important to note, as an increasing number of people begin to cut the cord in a shift from television to online.

Digital video advantages

Additionally, Nielsen data shows that brand recall is better with online video ads v. TV ads.

In the food and beverage and health and beauty categories, 61% of respondents could recall a general idea about an online video ad, compared with 46% of respondents who said the same about TV ads on broadcast and cable. When it came to brand recall in the health and beauty category, 45% said they could recall the brand message, compared with just 19% of TV ads.

CPG brands have no doubt been inspired by the overwhelming response to certain video campaigns from fellow companies. For instance, viral videos from Dove and Evian last year saw incredible viewership and engagement from audiences around the world.

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches remains the most viewed online ad of all time (over 133 million views). On YouTube alone it boasts 62.5 million views and Unruly’s Viral Video Chart places the video’s share count at 4.5 million.

Evian’s “Baby and Me” video racked up 80 million views and 3.7 million social shares worldwide. The company paid for only six million of those views and organic social sharing took care of the rest.

CPG brands have continued to impress with video marketing efforts. In the first week of April, four out of the seven new campaigns on Ad Age’s Viral Video Chart came from CPG companies. (Stats reported by Visible Measures as of April 4).

5-Hour Energy: 3.2 million views that week, 5.1 million views total

Pepsi MAX: 2.9 million views that week, 5.2 million views total

Hot Pockets: 2.3 million that week, 7.5 million views total

Snickers: 2.1 million views that week, 2.9 million views total

There are more than enough examples of CPG brands successfully utilizing online video to achieve marketing goals. As companies begin to form a deeper understanding of the way people consume and interact with content online, we should see increased investments in digital video throughout the industry.

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