Why “Buying YouTube Views” Isn’t Enough

If you own and operate a small YouTube channel, you’ve no doubt researched ways to grow your audience. “Buy YouTube Views” is a common phrase that is searched via Google around 8,000 times a month. However, if your goal is to develop an interested, engaged audience of potential consumers and/or fans, simply buying YouTube views isn’t enough—true value lies in targeted views, social shares and conversations around your content.

Many companies online will promise you cheap YouTube views by the thousands. Sure, you could pay for a couple thousand views, but if that is all you’re getting, your video may end up buried on YouTube, unseen by the right audience aka the people that will watch, love and share your content.

Let’s say your YouTube channel is all about food and restaurant reviews. You don’t just want random people watching your video, you want to reach passionate food lovers who are going to share your content amongst their food-loving communities. According to BI Intelligence, social sharing and word-of-mouth advertising are the two most popular ways people discover video content online—fueling video discovery is extremely important when it comes to growing your audience!

If you still believe your YouTube view count is the most valuable measure of online success, take note: social sharing and word-of-mouth advertising have the ability to drive even more views than you pay for. When people share your video on their social networks, their friends will watch. If those friends enjoy your content, they’ll share it and so on and so forth. This is how videos go viral—people talk about and share awesome content, generating earned media and as a result, millions of views.

For many content creators, earning subscribers on YouTube is a huge priority. Delivering your videos to targeted audiences will not only increase your YouTube views, but it will also drive subscriptions amongst interested viewers. Plain and simple, people will only subscribe to your channel if they enjoy your content. In order to find these people, your best bet is to invest in a distribution company that allows you to target certain markets and also optimizes for social engagement.

Keep in mind, not every distribution company will charge thousands of dollars to promote your video. Some companies provide self-serve platforms for content creators with any sized budget, from one dollar to one million dollars. Ultimately, purchasing targeted views, shares and conversations is much more beneficial than simply buying random views. Your video has an audience! When you deliver your content to the right people, you have the ability to turn Internet users into viewers, subscribers, fans and even customers.

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