Brands Bent on Destruction: GE Takes a Page From Blendtec’s Book

Apparently, we have a fascination with the destruction of everyday objects and brands are out to capitalize on it. In 2006, Blendtec launched “Will it Blend?” a YouTube video series highlighting the destructive capabilities of its blenders:

The videos proved incredibly effective at generating awareness and revenue for the company, and now, GE is hoping its equally destructive “#SpringBreakIt” campaign will do the same.

GE introduced the video series last week as an extension of the large social media campaign spanning Twitter, Tumblr and more. The videos feature slow-motion shots of items undergoing “crush it,” “mash it,” and “blast it” stress tests.

With the campaign, GE sought to target younger audiences via social media platforms. On Twitter, the company tweeted teasers for the videos and encouraged users to tweet back with the hashtag #SpringBreakIt to receive the full clips. GE has uploaded over 45 destructive videos to its YouTube channel; the most popular spot (featured first below) has earned 680,000 YouTube views to date.

The campaign was developed in partnership with social agency VaynerMedia to align the brand with all things “super,” said Linda Boff, executive director of global brand marketing at GE.

“#SpringBreakIt,” was also designed to make the work GE does a little more fun and relatable for consumers.

“GE looks to engage with people who share our passion for technology, science and innovation,” a GE spokeswoman explained. “A topic like advanced materials affects everyday consumers, but they may be less aware of how it impacts them.”

With its “#SpringBreakIt,” campaign, GE has successfully tapped into our fascination with destruction in order to educate consumers about its capabilities and to hopefully inspire consumer conversations about its latest inventions.

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