3 Campaigns from DirecTV that Have Helped the Brand Become Synonymous with Hilarity

According to Nielsen, funny ads resonate better with audiences, so we’ve seen brands give it their best shot at creating laughable commercials and online videos, many of which have gone viral. One company in particular, however, has become synonymous with hilarity by releasing a steady stream of entertaining ads for both online and television audiences. Today, we’ll discuss three comical campaigns from DirecTV and its creative agency Grey, New York, that have catapulted the brand to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

In early 2012, DirecTV launched a campaign with a simple message: having cable inevitably leads to misery, self-destruction and personal degradation. Each ad features an over-exaggerated domino effect that is initiated by some sort of cable problem.

This year, the “Cable Effects” campaign returned with these spots:

The next campaign from DirecTV set out to make viewers realize how much they hate cable. Promoting its “Genie” DVR, which can record up to five shows at one time, these clips feature some extreme situations that still aren’t as irritating, annoying and infuriating as cable.

Starring marionette wives, DirecTV and Grey’s newest campaign has just arrived. Though Adweek author David Gianatasio finds the ads “unnerving”, I found the absurdity of the situation and the marionette wife’s clumsy actions quite hilarious.

DirecTV and Grey, New York, have collaborated to produce some pretty great material over the past few years, which has no doubt helped DirecTV maintain its standing as the world’s largest and most popular video service. Do you have a favorite funny ad from DirecTV? Let us know in the comments below!

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