Twitter Takes On Video Marketing

To rival Facebook’s push into video, Twitter is buffing up its video marketing offerings. Recently, this social media giant brought on YouTube executive Baljeet Singh as a product director in its revenue organization, where he will focus on three paramount tasks: making it easier for Twitter users to find and watch video, adding more video to Twitter via strategic partnerships, and selling video ad units. The company hopes that its increased focus on video will bring about growth in both profits and user base.

Online video ads are a high-growth area for social networks; eMarketer predicts such spending will surge by 40% this year. Overall, digital video ads will generate $5.75 billion. On a related note, the market research company expects social advertising revenues to grow 31% in 2014, with Twitter experiencing an 87.6% year-over-year growth rate.

Video will no doubt pave the way for this monumental increase, especially due to its effectiveness when included in a Tweet. Twitter analyzed the content of over two million Tweets sent by thousands of verified users across different fields over the course of a month. It found that, unsurprisingly, adding video, links and photos all result in an impressive boost in the number of Retweets. Tweets that included video specifically, received a 28% boost.

Brands and marketers understand the value of incorporating video content into Tweets; now Twitter is out to impress prospective partners with advertising features such as promoted accounts and its newly announced in-line video for Amplify partners.

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced a feature that allows brands to promote their accounts rather than individual Tweets. This high exposure ad placement appears when users search for keywords related to the brand. Though this isn’t necessarily video related, it enables companies to reach a wider, more targeted audience (a perk most often associated with Facebook).

Twitter’s latest feature, in-line video, will enable Android and iOS viewers to play video footage with just one click. According to a related article from ReelSEO, “The new initiative…is being rolled out in response to feedback Twitter received on the click-through rates of video previews. The site confirmed that previews of video content led to a 3x increase in watch rates and it expects the preview plus one-click option to improve CTR even further.”

The feature will be available to 60 major brands, including the NBA, as part of its Amplify video marketing program. As an added bonus, Twitter will host video content directly from its servers to ensure speedy playback.

As social media is the second most popular way people find videos online, utilizing Twitter’s video marketing features may prove invaluable to companies large and small. Though these features are not widely available as of yet, you can still take advantage of the high engagement rates associated with video in Tweets. People are hungry for video content and delivering it to them in easily digestible Tweet-form will ultimately encourage increased shares and interactions.

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