Behind the Scenes at ViralGains: Vitor Petrone

A multilingual Brazilian OG with a laugh that cuts through the buzz, Vitor Petrone is VG’s Ad Ops whiz.

After spending his childhood in Brazil and moving stateside for high school, Vitor graduated from Boston University with a degree in advertising. As a recent grad in the volatile 2012 job market, Vitor spent months looking for an opportunity that fit his creative personality. He stumbled on ViralGains while perusing LinkedIn and sent Kate his resume. “I remember interviewing with the tiny four-person team at the CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) and we just clicked from the moment I walked in.”

This self-admitted Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer hybrid (my apologies if you don’t watch Parks and Rec) came on board as an intern under Dan’s tutelage, and is now a full-time employee with a knack for boosting campaigns and helping earned media soar.

Whether it’s thinking of a catchy title for a blog post, finding the perfect birthday GIF or letting me have the last peach Snapple – Vitor is a team player. “We’re a small company of intelligent, creative, young people fighting for the same goal. No one’s doing meaningless work – it all feeds into the bigger picture. And no matter how crazy things get, everything always works out and we can go play a game of ping pong after.”


“Vitor, no not Victor, Vitor.”

One of the only things that can induce Vitor to abandon his “peace and love” persona is people getting his name wrong.

“Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones!”

Nobody, and I mean nobody is a bigger GoT fan than this guy. So if you want to crack open a beer and dissect the merits of being a Lannister versus a Stark – you know where to go.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re an intern or the CEO, we’re all in this together man”

One of the first VG team members, Vitor knows what we’re all about.

“If you don’t talk about my hair in this thing, I’m gonna be pissed”

VG’s very own ‘Jesus’, no piece on Vitor would be complete without a mention of his long, luscious locks and his ever-changing facial hair.

“Where’s Dan?”

Can someone say #officebromance?

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