Behind the Scenes at ViralGains: Hannah Brenzel

Often seen dressed in black, with cigarette in hand and a sarcastic phrase at the tip of her tongue, Hannah Brenzel is our resident badass and content marketer extraordinaire.

As a sophomore in the Advertising and PR program at Chapman University, writing wasn’t really her focus. That is until that fateful day when she chose VG founder Dan Levin as a subject for a profile she had to write for one of her classes. The piece impressed both Dan and co-founder Jay Singh so much that they decided to bring her on board. That’s when this ballsy twenty-year-old took the leap of faith and traded in the comfort of home, the security of a college degree and the glorious California sunshine for a chance to work in the fast-paced, East Coast startup world.

Although her VG career started quite by chance, she pursued it with a seldom-seen breed of determination. Moving across the country as an intern, she worked five days a week at ViralGains and nights and weekends at her part-time job. Throw in three hours of commuting, zero free time, frigid weather and living paycheck to paycheck and you have yourself a situation that would prompt most twenty-year-olds to run back home in sheer terror.

“I thought to myself at the time, this is insane, I still want to be here. I still want to go in to work every day and work with this group of people. That’s when I knew this was it. I was in it for the long haul,”

Since then she has spearheaded content marketing efforts at the company and transformed the ViralGains blog: “It’s crazy to think about how much power you have as a writer. You can change people’s minds, get them to think. I’m twenty years old and I was allowed to take the reins and get creative with the blog.”

The blog started out with roughly over a thousand page visits when she joined the team. Today it boasts over 10,000. “One of the things I remember Dan telling me when I started out, was ‘take complete control of whatever you’re doing,’” and that’s just what she’s done.


“Oh I think there’s someone that could help you with that, not sure if you’ve heard of it, it’s called Google.”

Classic Brenzel.

“I’m literally typing one word every ten minutes”

Except that’s a complete lie, she’s a lean, mean writing machine.

That should be a period, not a comma”

Bad grammar tops her list of pet peeves, closely followed by unsolicited advice from strangers, public transportation and the dearth of good Mexican food on the East Coast.

“The Peapod guy’s downstairs”

She makes sure that team VG is always snacktistfied. Bonus: she never forgets the Peach Snapple. Good thing, considering Peach Snapple is a high-demand commodity at VG – it’s basically our jet-fuel.

“Don’t even worry about it”

You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of this girl. Easygoing and the right kind of laidback – she’s the epicenter of calm in our motley crew of crazies. With a penchant for drawing, sketching and photography, being outdoors is her thing. Note to the frigid East Coast: Stop crampin’ her style!

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