The 10 Best Things You Can Do for Your YouTube Video

1. Quality Content

Okay, this may seem like a no-brainer, but we can’t stress it enough. Promoting your brand effectively is dependent on creating interesting, relatable content that does more than just drive up views on the ticker. You want potential consumers to remember your product after the video ends. Don’t shove your brand down the consumer’s throat, instead, entertain them, elicit an emotional response, and educate the market about your product. Visibility is important, but engagement can only be borne from content that inspires.

Plus, the ever-present backlinking quandary is an important aspect to consider. No premium publisher is going to touch your content if it isn’t up to mark. Low backlinks mean low visibility in search results, and no brand wants that.

2. SEO

Simply put, the better your tags, the better your chances. The first step is to think like your potential consumer; what would you search for if you were a consumer looking to end up at your brand’s video? The next step is to recognize the distinction between generic and underutilized tags. Broad, all-encompassing tags are useful to include, but millions of other competing video offerings (possibly with better backlinks) could keep your video in search engine oblivion. Thus, capitalize on tags that may be more specific, more niche, yet efficient. For instance, if you’re a sports apparel company trying to make a mark you might include “sports gear” as a general tag and “dunk better” as an underutilized tag.

3. Call to Action

Give viewers a “next step” after they view your video. Urge them to subscribe, like your social pages or comment on your content. Remind them that this isn’t an arbitrary video in the saturated digi-verse, but an attempt at a productive conversation. Driving engagement by offering incentives is a useful tool. For instance, award the first 50 people to like a video a 10% discount on your product. Incentives like this can also be an effective means to reward your “regulars” or your loyal viewers and consumers.

4. Regularity

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. You may be able to rack up thousands of views on a video but if you’re to have any chance of keeping viewers engaged with your brand channel, you have to keep the conversation going. If viewers know there’s going to be a new video up every Friday, they’ll be more likely to subscribe or come back to your page.

5. Collaborations

“You can copy someone’s content and you can reverse engineer much of someone’s link building strategy, but you can’t copy relationships,” says Paul May, CEO and founder of BuzzStream. Cultivate connections with bloggers, influencers and even fellow brands. It provides for a mutually beneficial platform for both parties to expand their consumer bases.

6. Brand Cohesion

Your channel name, banner, graphics and other stylistic elements should come together to speak in unison about your brand’s central message. Not only does this infuse your brand image with a degree of professionalism, but it also gives viewers the sense that you know what you’re all about, that you get it and that you’re someone they can trust.

7. Titles

In this age of sensationalism, everyone’s vying for consumer attention. Cut through the noise with creative titles that represent your content and draw people in. Beware of click-baiting though, not only is a tech no-no and just in bad taste, but it will damage your brand’s credibility.

8. Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes brands and small businesses make is going after social media sites that brandish the biggest numbers. For instance, Chinese social media site, Qzone is the world’s third largest by user count, however, it may not be relevant to your brand and its content distribution needs. Go after sites that are populated by the people you want to target. Use social media to position yourself as a thought leader; respond to comments and questions and work yourself into the conversation. This will also, in turn, lend authority to your future content.

9. Don’t forget to focus on mobile:

One out of ten times a video is played, it’s played on a tablet or mobile. According to Ooyala, mobile video consumption grew by 41% in 2013, meaning if your video isn’t mobile-friendly, you are guaranteed to lose out.

10. Distribution

Work with a distribution partner and capitalize on the immense reach that self-serve platforms offer SMBs. Programmatic technology helps your content reach the corners of the digi-verse that are difficult to manually navigate in order to maximize your earned media.

To conclude… 

Content marketing is one of the most innovative leaps forward in the branding and marketing realm. Have fun with your content and make sure you’re likeable, relatable and authentic. Don’t try and be anything you’re not, there is no space for pretension in today’s mediascape.

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