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In spite of Russia’s anti-gay laws, brands and marketers around the globe have released a slew of online video content for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi supporting the LGBT community. In one of the most geopolitically charged Games we’ve seen, companies like Google, AT&T and Chobani have been quick to promote their pro-gay stance through statements, artwork and print ads. Other marketers have followed suit, creating supportive, even celebratory video ads that promote LGBT equality.


The first spot from the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion and agency Rethink Canada focuses on two men prepping for a luge race. “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League sets the tone for the clip as the athletes prepare in a seemingly sexual way.

This video has earned almost five million YouTube views and 240,000 social shares.

The next commercial from Bell Canada is more subtle in its support of the LGBT community. Featuring couples and families watching the Olympics across an array of devices, Bell Canada’s ad includes a shot of a gay couple celebrating the Games with a kiss.

The spot has generated close to 40,000 YouTube views.


The following commercial is in no way subtle of its support of the LGBT Olympic athletes. Created for broadcaster Channel 4 in the U.K., the spot showcases Fred Bear and Bearlesque, the U.K.’s premier boylesque troupe, performing a fantastic song and dance number that celebrates the gays who are skiing and luging in Sochi during this year’s Winter Olympics.

This commercial has over one million YouTube views and 133,000 social shares.


This over-the-top, incredible ad from Norwegian sports apparel retailer XXL is an absolute blockbuster. Its grandeur and message have earned this video ad loads of media attention and viewership.

The spot has almost one million YouTube views and 52,000 social shares.

United States

Last but not least, we have U.S. automotive brand Chevrolet that features gay couples in its “The New Chevrolet” campaign ads.

The two spots have 785,000 combined YouTube views.

Online video is a powerful medium many brands and marketers are using to send their most important messages. Seen by millions of people around the world, these ads have united brands and viewers through their widespread support of the LGBT community.

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