Why You Need to Optimize Email Marketing for Mobile Users

A majority of people are now opening emails on mobile devices. Yesmail Interactive’s Q4 2013 research found that mobile email’s share of all opens grew 5% last quarter to claim 55% of the total. As a result, revenue from mobile devices increased 52%, compared with 18% from desktop. Mobile orders also jumped 58% and now account for 18% of orders generated by marketing emails.


Additional Stats:

  • Mobile-only viewers grew 64% during H2 2013
  • Hybrid viewership (mobile & desktop) declined by nearly 40% quarter-over-quarter
  • Desktop-only viewers grew by a mere 5%

Despite mobile’s takeover of email opens, few marketers have yet to optimize email advertising for mobile. In a February 2014 study from Ascend2, only 28% of marketers polled worldwide said their company was optimizing email for mobile devices.


Only 4% of respondents find it difficult to implement mobile-optimized email, so what’s the hold-up? It’s necessary to cater to mobile users as they now represent the majority of email openers. One of the best ways to engage this audience is with branded video content.

According to ABI Research, mobile video views (on smartphones and tablets) worldwide will make up a quarter of total online views, with that proportion expected to double by 2019. Additionally, In the U.S., 50.5 million people watched an average of 5 hours, 45 minutes of video on mobile phones a month through the first half of 2013 (Nielsen).

By combining two booming marketing channels (online video & mobile-optimized email), brands and advertisers will be able to reach attentive users with appealing content on their preferred platform.

Here are a few tips to consider when optimizing video email campaigns for mobile users.

  • Make videos short and shareable— mobile video ads that include social media sharing buttons drive 36% higher engagement and 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others.
  • Ensure that text, graphics, and video subjects appear a bit larger to compensate for small mobile screens.
  • Include a call-to-action in your video encouraging users to “watch the next video” to keep them hooked while you have their attention
  • Use an email template with a video widget that allows the video to play in place
  • Make sure your click-through pages are mobile friendly

Simplicity and ease of access cannot be stressed enough when it comes to mobile marketing. You need to create an enjoyable experience for mobile email openers in order to keep them interested in your content and ultimately your brand. One glitchy email could land you in the spam folders of valuable consumers and in this day in age, you can’t afford to make that mistake.

Update 3/7/14

Let’s face it, with all of the mobile devices people are using these days, it’s important to know how your email will appear on each mobile screen. Litmus is a service that allows you to do so. The company’s technology lets you to preview your email on everything from desktops to smartphones to tablets. Litmus even lets you test out its service before you buy in. Litmus is an excellent tool for brands and marketers who want to make sure their emails look beautiful everywhere.

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