Intel Soars with Cloud Computing Campaign

Intel’s “Look Inside” campaign has been making some serious waves of late. Retiring its “Sponsors of Tomorrow” tagline in favor of something reminiscent of its ‘90s “Intel Inside” campaign seems to be working wonders for the brand.

Intel’s marketing strategy has always been cutting edge. Instead of targeting the primary buyers of its processing technology, the company targets the buyers of the finished product of which its technology is merely a part. Simply put, Intel managed to get the guy perusing the tech aisles to value its product, which hiked up its worth in the eyes of the companies in market for processing technology.

Intel is now bringing the model up to speed and creating a similar strategy for the new tech landscape. The brand set the ball in motion by inking a deal with Amazon that stamps every web page powered by the brand’s cloud technology with the phrase “Powered by Intel Cloud Technology”. The company managed to bring its brand out from behind the curtains in the 1990s with “Intel Inside” and now, it’s doing it again.

This entry into uncharted territory necessitated a burst of brand visibility which was achieved by targeting an extremely varied audience base. The entire campaign embodies some of the biggest marketing trends


Aside from partnering with 10×10 to release Girl Rising in 2013, Intel put its educational grant program front and center in this heartwarming video.


Intel also made a very astute decision by bringing its intangible technology to the masses by tapping into one of the largest existing fan-bases in the world. Associating with Barcelona is a means to ensure global recognition, cultural relevance and most importantly, a strong emotional component triggered by Barcelona’s position as “Mes Que Un Club”.

The entire campaign promotes one, cohesive message while still reaching a kaleidoscope of audiences. It’s reflective of Intel’s decision to shift from picking agencies on a campaign-by-campaign basis, to selecting one lead agency (Venables Bell & Partners) to take care of all its branding needs. The essence of the campaign is well thought out and has been successful largely due to its ability to make the human story the heart of every owned media offering and by imbuing its tagline with a call to action.

Check out Intel’s #lookinside video that brings it all together!

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