The Importance of Digital Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Here at ViralGains, we’re all about catalyzing digital word-of-mouth advertising for brands and agencies. Generating digital word-of-mouth advertising is the best way for brands to maximize their earned media which, in turn, enhances exposure and engagement with video content.

However, that’s not the only benefit of social video sharing. A new survey from Harris Interactive for The Webby Awards found that nearly seven in 10 millennial social users are at least somewhat likely to make a purchase after seeing a friend’s post.


When you think about it, this means big things for online video advertisers. According to a study from The Bite Group and Redshift Research, 60% of millennials spend at least one hour every week on YouTube, with 29% spending at least three hours. Even better news, 33% are more likely to frequently share video content than they are to share text (23%).


To put it simply, an increasing number of video viewers are sharing content that will influence others’ purchase decisions. This means having video content and utilizing it to drive word-of-mouth advertising is essential!

In case you weren’t convinced yet, findings from Nielsen prove even further the importance of digital word-of-mouth advertising. In its latest Trust In Advertising report, 84% of global respondents across 58 countries said this source was the most trustworthy. People are sharing more and more video content, and the people they’re sharing it with are responding more favorably than if a brand served them the ad.

In order to maximize your potential for word-of-mouth advertising, you must focus on the content of the video and your paid media strategy. Content is king—for people to want to share it, it has to elicit some kind of emotion. It can be funny, sad, heartwarming etc. Ultimately, people are going to share videos that they can connect with on a deeper, emotional level.

Paid media is just as important. You could have the best video in terms of content, but if it isn’t served to the right audience, it could fall flat. A paid media strategy will allow you to deliver your ad to a highly specified market, maximizing targeted views, shares and conversations.

Earned media and the additional digital word-of-mouth advertising it produces are too valuable for brands to ignore. To capitalize on this marketing opportunity, focus on creating shareable content backed by a strong paid media strategy.

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