Facebook “Look Back” Videos: A Marketing Opportunity

Facebook turned 10 years old. To celebrate, the site gave users personalized one-minute videos set to music that featured their top social-networking moments. On Tuesday, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg announced that nearly 200 million people have watched their “Look Back” videos.

“It was amazing,” Sandberg said of the response to Look Back. “Almost 200 million people watched [their Look Back video], and 50 percent of people who watched their own video, shared it. It…showed the power of the Facebook brand.”

That’s 100 million people that shared their “Look Back” video with friends and family in the week after its debut. These videos flooded news feeds and unsurprisingly prompted parodies like the one below.

This video from sketch comedy duo Tripp and Tyler generated 5.2 million YouTube views and 125,000 social shares.

The hype over these individualized videos prompted dog food company Pedigree to create a branded “Look Back”-inspired video, celebrating its passionate community of dog lovers. Filled with adoption stories and user-generated content, Pedigree’s video captures its 10 year dedication to helping shelter dogs find loving homes via the Pedigree Adoption Drive.

The video has generated significant engagement with the brand, earning 2,835 Facebook Likes and 2,300 shares on the site. Shared with Pedigree’s Facebook fan community of 1.3 million, the spot also reached an additional 3.2 million through paid promotion.

“When we saw how Facebook was celebrating their 10th anniversary, it really inspired us to do something to give back to our passionate Pedigree Facebook community who has helped us help dogs over the years,” Tierney Monaco, Pedigree marketing director, tells Marketing Daily. “We saw the ‘Look Back’ video as another way to continue to tell our tale, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

People have written articles wondering why Facebook didn’t allow brands to custom create their own “Look Back” videos in order to showcase selected social-networking moments. Pedigree took matters into its own hands and produced a branded version that its Facebook fans love.

Video on Facebook has created a lot of buzz amongst both the Facebook community and brands. With a 1.23 billion user base, Facebook is a targeting gold mine for marketers. For now, there are only a few ways companies can leverage video on the site, so creativity is a must. Pedigree took advantage of a trending video format as a result, is seeing increased activity, awareness and engagement with its brand.

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