“Content is King, Distribution is Queen” How BuzzFeed is Getting it Right

Few brands actually market products anymore; instead they attempt to conjure halo-effects around their brand, which they then hope will drive general product sales. Apple was perhaps one of the first brands to go down this path and hundreds of others seem to be following suit.

One of the pillars of brand creation today is content marketing. When it comes to branded content, non-intrusive and understated is undoubtedly the way forward, and publishers like BuzzFeed seem to get that. Its sponsored posts subtly incorporate branded messaging into entertaining content, without forcing corporate clichés down the consumers’ throats.

Another key tenet the company seems to have embraced in recent times, as the title of its panel at Social Media Week demonstrates, is that while “Content is King, Distribution is Queen.” This view of the online marketing industry is extremely astute and was echoed by Senior VP of Digital Communications at Weber Shandwick, George Snell.

“The days when you could post content on social channels and expect large audiences are long over. You need a plan. Without a plan you’re just relying on chance that your content is going to reach the right audience,” said Snell. The key to building a strategy to maximize your earned media is “to work with a distribution partner like ViralGains.”

BuzzFeed also became one of the first publishers to incorporate the “share to Whatsapp” feature into its mobile platform. The company reported today that the new share option has already proved to be immensely successful. The number of “share to Whatsapp” clicks have blown past the number of “share to Twitter” clicks already, making Facebook’s 19 billion dollar acquisition of Whatsapp almost seem reasonable. The conception we have of social sharing is changing, and BuzzFeed is staying on the cutting edge.

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