A Closer Look: The Top 5 Verticals for Q4 2013

Visible Measures recently released its Q4 2013 Branded Video Report that outlines the top five campaigns, brands, agencies and verticals for the quarter. The company begins by noting that people watched branded video more than 2.7 billion times in Q4, a 58% increase from Q3 and a 51% increase year-over-year (YOY).


Two marketing campaigns last quarter generated over 100 million views, a testament to branded video’s massive growth. With its ability to significantly increase engagement and earned media for brands, online video is becoming an essential element of successful marketing strategies.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the notable brands mentioned in Visible Measures’ Top 5 Verticals for Q4 2013. Below is a chart from eMarketer displaying the verticals ranked by branded video ad views worldwide.



Targeting shoppers around the holidays, electronic brands launched some impressive campaigns during Q4. The impressive 364.9 million view count was led by Samsung’s Galaxy 11 and GoPro’s How Will You Go Pro?

Samsung flexed its marketing muscles with its Galaxy 11 campaign, featuring some of the best soccer players (football for you non-Americans) in the world. In the campaign, aliens invade Earth and challenge the planet to a soccer match. Players are recruited in individual spots and on December 18, Samsung released “The Beginning,” a video tying the team together.

This single video earned over 12.8 million YouTube views and 439,800 social shares.

GoPro launched its How will you GoPro? contest in Q4 which asked users to submit entries answering the question in addition to creating an original, artistic representation of their idea. Of course, GoPro encouraged users to share their ideas across social sites to generate additional awareness and buzz. The Grand Prize winner has been chosen—he and a friend will travel with a GoPro film crew to create a video of their epic adventure.


The automotive industry had a remarkable fourth quarter with standout campaigns like Volvo Trucks’ Live Test and Dodge’s Ron Burgundy. The industry racked up over 308.2 million views.

Volvo Trucks’ Live Test video has gone down in history as the most viewed automotive ad on YouTube (almost 70 million views). The company reports that the video has been shared over six million times, earned over 10 million impressions on Google.com, has been the subject of over 20,000 media publications, and generated an estimated €70 million in earned media.

You’ve no doubt seen Dodge’s Ron Burgundy campaign featuring the legend himself promoting the 2014 Dodge Durango. The campaign drove a 36% boost in November sales and an 80% increase in traffic to the Durango site. Five of the Ron Burgundy spots have been viewed over a million times on YouTube. These videos earned more than 19 million combined views—watch the most popular spot below.

Travel & Lodging

The biggest campaign of Q4 lands in this category. Turkish Airline’s The Selfie Shootout stars Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi competing for the best selfie in cities around the world. The video has earned over 136.8 million views and 931,000 social shares.

Melbourne Metro’s 2012 Dumb Ways to Die campaign continued to rack up views last quarter and WestJet’s Christmas Miracle campaign helped to bump this vertical into third place. WestJet’s heartwarming ad has been viewed 35.4 million times and shared over 2.2 million times.

Online Services

This vertical, with 222.8+ million views, was led by YouTube’s What Does 2013 Say? This video earned over 93.4 million YouTube views and 1.8 million social shares.

Apparel & Accessories

In fifth place, Apparel & Accessories collected over 205.2 million views last quarter. Louis Vuitton led the category with its spot featuring David Bowie. The video racked up 33.7 million views and 69,000 social shares.

Kmart released a controversial holiday spot that earned the company a lot of media attention and viewership. The spot has 17.6 million YouTube views and 1.9 million social shares.

These brands killed it in Q4, using online video to further their marketing objectives. As one of the best ways to drive awareness, engagement and widespread media coverage, online video marketing enabled these companies to deliver strategic messages to audiences around the world.

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