Branded Video Storytelling Thrives Around the World

Plain and simple, people want to be entertained especially when it comes to ads. Yankelovich, a market research firm, estimated that city dwellers see up to 5,000 ads a day. In an attempt to stand out and form emotional ties with consumers, many brands have embraced storytelling through online video. Because online video is not restricted by the traditional limitations of Television advertising, companies around the world are able to produce long-form video content with a heavy focus on storytelling.

These ads tend to generate millions of YouTube views and social shares due to their entertainment value and heartwarming nature. Worldwide, brands are learning that the way to consumers’ hearts is through stories, not blatant product promotion. Here are some of the best examples of branded video storytelling from countries around the globe.

South Africa

Scotch whiskey brand Bell’s and ad agency King James produced this South African ad that has racked up 1.4 million YouTube views and 90,000 social shares in under a month.


This video, from Australia’s GetUp! community advocacy organization, tells a story with a strong call-to-action to end marriage discrimination. The video went viral in two days and now boasts 12.6 million YouTube views and 1.5 million social shares. GetUp! raised enough support and public donations to air the video on several Australian TV channels.


Thailand brings us some of the most impressive stories in video ads. The four videos below have touched the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Pantene: 6.8 million YouTube views, 528,000 social shares

Thai Life Insurance: 3.2 million YouTube views, 480,000 social shares

Truemove H: 15.4 million YouTube views, 1.47 million social shares

Wacoal Thailand: 1.9 million YouTube views, 206,000 social shares

United States

Wrigley’s “Origami” from agency Energy BBDO captures little moments between a father and daughter as they enjoy Extra gum together. The spot went viral, generating 1.7 million YouTube views and 102,000 social shares.

Powerful, emotional storytelling has the ability to connect audiences across the globe regardless of the brand behind the message. We believe that by triggering emotions in viewers, brands can prompt increased sharing which maximizes earned media. Hungry for entertaining video content, today’s consumers eat up brands’ storytelling efforts—with the flexibility of online video, any company has the opportunity to create a story around its product and share it with the world.

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