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Online video marketing works—we’ve seen the reports, statistics and studies to prove it. With the ability to maximize engagement, interactions, brand recall and other key results, online video marketing has quickly moved to the forefront of the digital advertising space. Most brands are actively uploading video marketing content for viewers, which is ideal and expected. However, many have yet to incorporate online video into other aspects of their business.

People are constantly finding new ways for online video to help them in their everyday lives. One thing many of them are looking for when it comes to video content: DIY Tips. Home improvement companies have a huge opportunity to provide helpful, informative videos to customers seeking out inspiration.

In a survey from BurstMedia, more than half of respondents intended to watch videos to help them with their home improvement project. Surprisingly, the percentage gets higher in older age brackets—63.8% for men over 55 and up to 64.6% for women over 35.


Lowe’s does an excellent job at taking viewers step-by-step through creative projects designed for the home. See examples below.

With a convenient video section full of “Creative Ideas,” Lowe’s goes beyond branding and direct response messaging. Even if viewers purchased supplies at a different store, watching Lowe’s videos will improve brand recall and if helpful enough, prompt future purchases.


Your company can use online video as a resource in many different ways. Creating behind the scenes clips, how-to’s, and explainer videos will help your brand reach prospective customers in a helpful, less intrusive way.

Behind the scenes videos have become increasingly popular forms of promotion, especially if they’re tied to a viral video. For example, Pepsi released a behind the scenes look at its “Beyoncé Mirror” commercial. This spot actually ended up earning more views than the commercial itself, generating additional engagement with the brand.

Cosmetic’s brand CoverGirl caters to all of its make-up tutorial fans on YouTube and has uploaded hundreds of how-to videos to its channel. Helping viewers put on foundation may excite them enough to try CoverGirl products and in turn, become loyal customers. This how-to below has generated over one million YouTube views for CoverGirl.

Finally, explainer videos not only introduce your product to the world, but they are also excellent resources to have on your site. Video is going to be more effective than text at attracting and introducing potential customers to your product or service. Dollar Shave Club nailed its explainer video, which is still talked about today, and as a result, saw tremendous response and company growth.

(In case you haven’t already seen it)

People are watching more and more online videos every month; providing this audience with helpful, informative video content will allow you to improve brand recall and establish your company as a leader in its space.

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