Vine Online With Full-Screen Viewing: Amplifies Video Marketing Opportunities

Vine, the mobile app that popularized six-second videos, is coming to desktops with full-screen viewing capabilities. The company announced Friday that users would be able to log in at to view their home feed and interact with Vines as they would on their mobile devices.

Previously unable to navigate or interact with the app online, users resorted to uploading Vines as YouTube videos. Now with expanded Web features, Viners (Vine users) have the added convenience of accessing the app from both their desktops and smartphones. Though the Web app lacks some of the mobile app’s features, it gives Viners the ability to share accounts and browse other profiles online.

Instagram saw great success after introducing its app to the Web in late 2012. As of November, attracted 64 million U.S. monthly visitors across desktop and mobile devices—40 million accessed the site via smartphone or tablet, 24 million via PCs. Vine hopes to generate similar results with its new Web app.

Vine compilations on YouTube have become incredibly popular, and the company noticed. The Web app features a TV Mode button which allows users to watch video collections in sequence and in full-screen mode.

“This release is just a first step toward bringing you a richer, more enjoyable web experience. We look forward to introducing more improvements in 2014,” stated a Vine blog post.

Of course Vine’s Web app offers perks for brands as well, the first being a vanity URL. On December 20, brands had the opportunity to claim a custom Vine URL, for example, as a destination for all of their Vine content. With this update, brands can create a profile page and establish a centralized Web presence on the platform. As a result, users can view a brand’s entire collection of Vines and share its profile instead of individual pieces of content.

Desktop access to the app should boost engagement and broaden brand reach across the platform—with vanity URLs, brands will be able to ensure easy access to content and legitimize their Vine presence. Due to the popularity of the mobile app, it shouldn’t be long before the Web version sees an upsurge in users. Companies now have an even bigger incentive to create six-second Vine videos—branded profiles will become a social destination available to the app’s 40+ million users.

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