Trending in This Week’s Top Online Videos: Parents

Out of Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week, four either involved or focused on families, parents in particular. Capitalizing on the upcoming Olympics and Super Bowl, brands are upping the ante with emotional spots audiences love.

The number one commercial this week is from Procter & Gamble and Wieden & Kennedy. The next installment of its “Thank You Mom” campaign, “Pick Them Back Up” features athletes competing in winter sports tying the ad directly to the Sochi Winter Olympics. The company released a similar ad for the London Olympics, “Best Job.” This video went viral, racking up 21 million YouTube views. P&G executives estimate that this ad generated an additional $500 million in sales during the Summer Olympics.

P&G released the Winter Olympics spot five days ago and the video already has over 5.5 million YouTube views and 324,000 social shares. Employing “equity advertising,” the company is using this campaign to create emotional ties to the brand.

Karen Machleit, head of the Marketing Department at the University of Cincinnati, said P&G’s showcasing of the mother-child bond will easily appeal to viewers around the world.

“A mom’s love of a young child who is an athlete is a universal emotion,” she said, adding it’s a more effective way to sell detergent and batteries than a spot demonstrating ordinary household products at work. “These commercials create positive feelings. When consumers think about the brand, the feelings will transfer over.”

P&G hopes that “Pick Them Back Up” produces similar results to “Best Jobs” in terms of ROI.

The New Zealand Transportation Agency and Clemenger BBDO bring us the next viral ad of the week in their PSA which attempts to reframe the way drivers look at their speed. The agency states, “We usually get to learn from our mistakes, but not when driving—the road is an exception. Even the smallest of mistakes on the road can cost us our life, or someone else’s.”

In the ad, a father driving with his son misjudges the speed of an approaching car. Time slows down as the drivers engage in a heart breaking conversation in which they realize the inevitability of the accident.

The video has earned over four million YouTube views and 230,000 social shares in five days. Attracting international attention, this terrifyingly powerful ad sends its message loud and clear: “Other people make mistakes. Slow Down.”

In a complete 180, these videos from Old Spice and Wieden & Kennedy take a humorous look through mothers’ eyes when their sons use Old Spice and “become a man.” The songs, the mothers and the situations in which we find them are utterly outrageous, but it is Old Spice—should we expect any different?

The videos have a total YouTube view count of 4,857,802 and 190,000 social shares. Bonus fact: though it’s not explicitly mentioned, these spots are an attempt by the brand to discourage overspraying by young men.

Last but not least, we have the Super Bowl ad-to-be from TurboTax and Wieden + Kennedy (who has obviously been killing it with creative ads). In the video, TurboTax focuses on major life decisions people make each year that affect taxes and positions itself as the solution. It’s another heartwarming spot featuring people from all walks of life getting married, having kids, finding a new job, etc.

Though the video only has around 33,000 views and 4,000 social shares to-date, its appearance during the Super Bowl should boost viewership and engagement.

We should begin to see a rise in online video marketing as the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics approach. Brands and marketers producing content for the events are already releasing these videos online in order to jumpstart awareness and social engagement with the ads. This would be a smart move for any company advertising during the Super Bowl or Winter Olympics; start an online video marketing campaign now so that you can maximize views, shares and conversations with your content.

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