Transparent Viewability in Online Video Marketing

Recent articles filled with statistics pertaining to online video have flooded major marketing sites across the Web. In December, online video viewing topped 50 billion video views according to comScore. Over the past year, more than 38% of new branded video campaigns earned at least one million views while 5% reached more than 10 million views.

Generating video views for branded content is obviously important, but much more important for brands and marketers is the ability to see where and how their videos are viewed.

Transparent viewability for online video marketing is a hurdle for many in the industry. Brands are spending millions of dollars on CPM advertising, but are unable to determine exactly where their videos are being placed and the quality of that video’s views. When it comes to brand reach, the demand for both quality and quantity are too high for publishers to keep up—there isn’t enough premium inventory available.

As a result many videos, according to MediaPost, “wind up being triggered by bots (hijacked computers), running on file lockers (highly trafficked sites that run illicit versions of major TV shows and films), or being placed within pop-unders, below-the-fold units, or in other non-visible areas.”

This no doubt prompted TubeMogul CEO Brett Wilson’s estimation that roughly 50% of video ads are actually viewable. Brands that have yet to realize the importance of transparent viewability reports may be suffering in terms of actual viewership and engagement with their content. Without the ability to monitor where and how videos are placed, the quality of impressions is left up to the publisher who may not act in the brand’s best interest. In order for brands and advertisers to properly evaluate online video marketing KPIs, they must demand a higher level of accountability from publishers.

There are, however, existing platforms that offer advertisers transparent viewability monitoring for their video ad placements. For example at ViralGains, we pride ourselves on offering clients transparent reports for their online videos.

“The ViralGains platform shows clients exactly where their video is placed as well as real-time social interactions with the video,” said Ad Operations Manager Vitor Petrone. “Transparency is important because clients need to know what they are paying for—they shouldn’t have to blindly throw money at something that may not even benefit their brand.”

Transparent viewability is becoming more important for brands and therefore more important for publishers. As companies demand access to clear viewability reports, platforms with this feature already incorporated will thrive. Unaccountable traffic and spotty reporting will no longer appease brands and marketers who are constantly searching for better means of evaluating online video marketing performance.

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