Quick Tips for B2B Video Marketing

Just as consumer video viewing habits sparked massive growth in business-to-consumer (B2C) video marketing, the upsurge in businesspeople seeking out business-to-business (B2B) video communications is changing the way B2B companies promote themselves—many are incorporating online video advertising into their marketing mix.

A report from eMarketer makes it abundantly clear why B2B companies should have a strong presence in the online video marketing world. According to a survey of B2B tech buyers, after watching a technology-related video 72% researched the product, 54% visited the vendor website or contacted the vendor for additional information and 46% actually purchased the product.


With numbers like these, it’s almost impossible for B2B companies to ignore video as a marketing channel. We’ve included a few quick suggestions below to act as tips for companies that have yet to integrate video marketing into communications and reminders for those that have.

Produce, post, repost

Video content is already optimized for maximum exposure and sharing. Obviously, after producing your videos you’ll upload them to your site, feature them in blog posts and share them across your social media channels. Don’t neglect your content. Share new and old videos on a consistent basis in order to maximize awareness and engagement.

Create content for every stage of the buying cycle

Early stage: Use videos at this stage to generate awareness and interest in your product. Share other viral videos related to your industry and repurpose your own webinars to establish thought leadership.

Mid stage: Here is where you begin to focus more heavily on your brand. Provide prospective customers with explainer videos, product demos and customer testimonials. Produce this content to transform interest into product curiosity.

Late stage: Once you’ve hooked your audience, offer long-form videos such as case studies. Give consumers an in-depth look at your company to cement purchase decisions.

Humor isn’t reserved for B2C companies

Typically, humor is a tactic employed by B2C companies in online video marketing efforts. It’s rare that we see good, humorous content from B2B companies. There are a few standout B2Bs that have successfully used humor for branded video content, the last of the spots below even went viral earning almost 3.8 million YouTube views.

According to Advertising Age’s 2014 B-to-B Outlook: Marketing Priorities and Plans survey, 6 out of 10 B2B marketers plan on increasing spending on video marketing, a 7.9% increase in respondents from last year. Every B2B company has different marketing goals that can be achieved with the help of online video—the awareness, engagement and ROI video marketing generates has become too significant to ignore.

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