Newcastle Hops on the Super Bowl Ad Teaser Train

Super Bowl XLVIII is almost upon us and brands have lost no time in releasing dozens of teasers for their upcoming game day ads. It’s only fitting that Volkswagen, Dannon, Bud Light, Squarespace and M&M’s, just to name a few, are releasing teasers—they actually have a commercial spot during the Super Bowl. Newcastle, on the other hand, does not. But that didn’t stop the company from uploading a teaser for the trailer of its very own MEGA HUGE FOOTBALL GAME AD…that was never made.

Playing off of the ad hype generated by the Super Bowl, Newcastle and agency Droga5 launched a campaign entitled “If We Made It,” flaunting the Super Bowl commercial the company would have made—if it had been able to afford one.  A hilarious, spot-on exaggeration of most Super Bowl commercials, Newcastle’s ad is apparently so epic, its trailer has a trailer.

Both spots encourage viewers to visit “to see more stuff we did make for the ad we didn’t make for the beer we definitely do make,” claims one video’s description.


The website is just as entertaining and discombobulating as the videos, featuring windows for future videos such as “Focus Groups React to Our Mega Huge Ad,” and Behind the Scenes videos with Keyshawn Johnson and Anna Kendrick.


People have flocked to Twitter, sharing Newcastle’s videos and complimenting the brand on a job well done. Using the hashtag #IfWeMadeIt, fans are already claiming Newcastle’s MEGA HUGE FOOTBALL GAME AD and accompanying teasers are going to be some of the best Super Bowl ads never aired during the Super Bowl.

Newcastle, a UK based brand, has the uncanny ability to piggyback on American holidays and events, often times stealing the show (at least when it comes to advertising efforts). In July, Newcastle marketed the third as ‘Independence Eve’ and encouraged everyone to ‘enjoy American freedom by celebrating British rule.’ The company and Droga5 have been incredibly successful in producing promotional material with clever twists and high entertainment value.

In order to take full advantage of captive Super Bowl ad watchers, Newcastle got creative. With humor and hyperboles, this company produced a few mega awesome videos sure to capture the attention of internet users and game-day ad fanatics alike.

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