My, How the Tables Have Turned! Online Video Marketing Content Moves to Television

When online video viewing exploded, brands scrambled to provide content-hungry audiences with branded videos. Many took television commercials and uploaded them online to boost awareness through this channel. As time went on, companies realized that repurposing television spots was not enough—online video viewers wanted original, entertaining spots, not just some 30-second ad pushing a product.

A majority of brands do still use television commercials for online video content, but also provide internet users with longer videos designed for Web viewing. While many brands and marketers continued to pour advertising dollars into traditional advertising outlets, online video took a back seat. Over the past few years, people have begun watching more video content than ever, forcing companies to make online video marketing a priority. Typically, digital content moved from television to online sources, not the other way around. That is no longer the case.

Companies are uploading branded videos online, and after analyzing viewer response, repurposing the videos for television. We mentioned Wednesday that the popularity of Duracell’s new online video spot prompted the brand to seek out television coverage. Now, Kentucky Fried Chicken is doing the same with its ad below.

Earlier this month, KFC launched its #HowDoYouKFC movement which included this video above from Draftfcb featuring X Games Moto gold medalist Bryce Hudson eating KFC’s Extra Crispy Tenders mid-backflip. Intended as an online-only spot, the video earned over a half-million views within its first two weeks. The current view count lies just below 600,000 and the ad has reached #6 on Unruly Media’s Viral Video Chart. KFC posted a press release today announcing its decision to transform the piece into a full-on prime-time television spot.

“So much of the #HowDoYouKFC movement centers around our fans,” said Jason Marker, General Manager for KFC U.S. “We want to stay nimble, listen to our fans, and give them what they want. When we saw that the Bryce Hudson video was quickly emerging as a fan favorite, we wanted to make it even bigger—and put it on TV.”

The commercial will begin airing on FOX tonight and continue throughout playoffs and on the day of the big game.

More brands could begin to repurpose Web videos for television as they see more engagement and response online. If online video ads prove just as popular on television, their value will skyrocket.

The tables have turned and online video may just come out on top.


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