‘Tis the Season to be Ballsy

Basketballs, Oreo Balls, and…well, balls that are simply not safe for work—this holiday season, marketers have gotten creative with balls. Over the last two months, the NBA, Oreo and Kmart have all released video advertisements featuring a wide array of spherical objects.

First up is the holiday spot from the NBA: “Jingle Hoops” from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Created as a sequel to last year’s “BIG: Color” spot that drew eight million views on YouTube, “Jingle Hoops” passed up its predecessor earning over nine million YouTube views and 539,000 social shares. View both spots below. Which do you like better?

“Jingle Hoops”

“BIG: Color”

A day after the NBA uploaded its video, Kmart released “Show Your Joe,” a racy holiday spot featuring six young men thrusting their junk to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” A ballsy move, if you ask me. Controversy erupted over the spot which prompted complaints from social network users and advocacy group One Million Moms. However, many people defended the ad, saying it’s all in good fun.

Regardless, the video from Draftfcb in Chicago went viral generating over 16 million YouTube views and 1.6 million social shares. “Show Your Joe” was picked up by prominent news outlets including Forbes, Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post and ABC News.

Last but not least, is Oreo’s “Oreo Cookie Balls Song” from The Martin Agency. Now, these Oreo Balls aren’t an Oreo product, but rather a homemade treat involving crushed Oreos that are mixed with cream cheese, rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate. Nevertheless, to capitalize on this fun holiday delicacy, Oreo created a video that features hip-hop artist JINX.

This video hasn’t attracted as much attention as the other two, but has still reached over 42,000 people who have shared it a few thousand times across social networks. Adweek named the spot its Ad of the Day on December 6 and a slew of other blogs featured the video in posts.

Brands and agencies have gotten ballsy when it comes to holiday video marketing and internet audiences are loving it. Apparently, balls are trending this year.

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