Online Marketing Predictions for 2014

Marketing sites across the web are churning out 2014 predictions faster than I can read them. Articles about the future of programmatic buying, native advertising, ROI, ad spending and significant advertising metrics have graced the pages of ReelSEO, MediaPost and Adweek, just to name a few. We’ve decided to summarize and compile these predictions to give readers a more comprehensive look at the potential 2014 holds for online marketing.

ROI vs. People: Video Marketing Advice for 2014

“Views and subscribers are, of course, important metrics but we sometimes forget that we need to reach out to actual people and fully appreciate and understand how our products and services can help our clients and potential clients.”

Simply put, ReelSEO asserts that ROI is achievable only if marketers first connect with audiences and make a difference in their eyes.

Three Key Reasons Why Video Will Push US Total Ad Spending Up In 2014

In another article from ReelSEO, Greg Jarboe discusses why he believes total US ad spending will increase in 2014. He references an eMarketer report that shows marketers spending 4.1% more on advertising in 2014 than in 2013. Paid media spending is expected to reach $178.27 billion in 2014 and increase every year, resting just below $200 billion in 2017. Jarboe expects spending to increase even more rapidly as a result of three key events in the upcoming year: the Winter Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and the midterm elections.


To preface his predictions, the author reports on the current state of video advertising.

Video is the fastest growing digital format

Though spending on mobile and online video falls well below spending on traditional television ads, eMarkerter predicts that digital media will gain the most share during the forecast period—with video remaining the fastest-growing.

Video growth is unpredictable

Online video and digital marketing trends are some of the most unpredictable. Introduce one new app or piece of technology and everything could change for marketers in the digital space.

Jarboe continues and goes in-depth as to why each individual event (mentioned in the first paragraph) offers exceptional opportunities for accelerated growth in video marketing. He ends the article with another prediction: eMarketer will end up revising its forecast for 2014 upward “primarily as a result of the rapid rise of digital video viewership and ad spending. “

Programmatic Predictions For 2014

MediaPost joins with its programmatic predictions for the upcoming year. In the article from Tyler Loechner, experienced executives in the digital space give their own thoughts on the future of programmatic advertising.

Among those quoted are James Aitken, CEO at The Exchange Lab; Brett Wilson, CEO at Tube Mogul; George John, CEO at Rocket Fuel; and Merlyn Gordon, director of product strategy at Webtrends.

Most believe programmatic buying and selling will increase in 2014, with publishers offering more premium inventory as marketers take advantage of programmatic offerings.

Major Focus For 2014: Human Audience Tech, Metrics, Click-to-Play Video

In this MediaPost article from Laurie Sullivan, she states that “in the coming year, brands will focus on accountability and more demanding test and measurement performance metrics.”

She dictates an interview with Ari Jacoby, CEO at Solve Media, in which he outlines his top 10 predictions for 2014.

1.  Publishers Will Go All-In on Verified Human Audience Technologies

2. The UX of Native Ads Will Improve

3. Personalization Will Trump Retargeting

4. Marketers Will Demand Human Audiences

5. Programmatic Will Finally Split into Premium and Remnant Camps

6. Cognition Will Trump Viewability

7. Premium Mobile Inventory Will be Tough To Come By

8. The Massive Shortage In Click-To-Play Video Inventory Will Continue

9. The Internet’s Four Horsemen Will Go to War to Develop the Most Effective Brand Advertising Solution

10. Undifferentiated Ad-Tech Companies Will Struggle for Enterprise Value

Click here to see Jacoby’s explanation for each individual prediction.

Top Five Predictions for 2014 in Advertising

Last but not least is Chairman & CEO at RadiumOne Gurbaksh Chahal’s top five advertising predictions for 2014. He believes in this new year that brands and agencies will embrace digital advertising that integrates seamlessly into people’s everyday lives.

He speaks for RadiumOne, which predicts the following:

1. Programmatic will Get Smarter — skyrocketing to 60% of all digital ad spend.

2. Platforms Thrive. Networks Die.

3. Artificial Intelligence is a black box. Automated Intelligence will live on.

4. Mobile will exceed analyst estimates to represent 30% of all digital spend.

5. Location becomes the new retargeting signal for mobile.

Again, to see an in-depth explanation of each prediction, click here.

The future of online video looks bright as executives and analysts alike predict significant growth in the digital advertising space. Do you have any predictions for 2014? Let us know in the comments below and have a very happy new year.

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