Explainer Videos: Help Your Users “Get it”

With new technology bursting on the scene daily, explainer videos are the need of the hour. The digital platform enables users to truly understand how to use a product in a way that a 30-second TV spot is fundamentally unable to do. Further, going viral helps brands “introduce themselves” to their targeted audience in a more meaningful, engaging way. Instead of just having enough time to scream, “buy this!” at the consumer, brands can have an extended conversation with consumers about their identity.

Furthermore, instead of merely being able to advertise goods that are on the market, online video has put brands in a unique position where they can launch “teasers” for products that could become a possibility in the future. This not only allows for a long-term publicity strategy, but also allows brands to “test the waters” on an immense scale.

Coin, a soon to be launched “card” which allows users to store up to eight credit cards, reward cards, gift cards etc. means saying goodbye to bulky wallets and fumbling at the cash register. The brand’s video already has nearly seven million views, which is great news for the start-up whose product drops next summer.

Another example is Amazon’s new Prime Air video, which already has over 11 million YouTube views. Come 2015, your Amazon order could be drone-landed to your doorstep within 30 minutes of placing your order. This Dominos-delivery model sounds insane, but could well become a reality, pending federal regulation amendments.

This video put out by the MIT media lab isn’t necessarily brand related, but highlights just how far we’re pushing the tech frontier. “inFORM: Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display” is relevant to both brands and consumers alike in the sense that it allows us to think laterally about how human beings and technology will interact in the foreseeable future and consequently how brands will reach out to consumers.

The number of firms dedicated to the sole purpose of explainer video production is on the rise. One firm in particular, Cheap Explainer Video has shown a 70% growth average and promises to augment brand credibility solely through the power of explainer videos. The firm, interestingly, just incorporated BitCoin into their payment model.

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