Video Measurement in Real-Time Should Not be an Issue

A majority of advertisers say they lack the measurement tools they need to determine the impact of their digital video campaigns. According to a recent study from analytics firm BrandAds, about 60% of advertisers agree with the statement above.


In its study, BrandAds surveyed more than 100 agency and brand marketers. The firm found that the biggest problem with digital video analytics is timeliness. Eighty-one percent of marketers say they have to wait at least 24 hours for data. This eliminates any chance of real-time campaign updating. Shockingly, only 12.5% of advertisers have access to data in real-time.


In addition, 50% of advertisers think that the measurement tools available are too expensive or create too much operational overhead.


The survey acts as marketing for BrandAds who offers clients “unbiased video ad measurement,” while still shedding light on the current state of digital video measurement. There are services that offer reasonably priced video marketing and real-time analytics. Instead of measuring video impact in-house, seek out a company that will be able to provide meaningful insights in real-time.

For example, the ViralGains platform offers programmatic media planning and buying and is optimized for social engagement in real-time.

“Today’s digital advertising landscape is extremely competitive, and demand for quick, actionable insights from marketers is ever-increasing. To go beyond real-time is to risk being irrelevant, and that’s unacceptable,” said ViralGains COO Dan Levin. “We built our technology from scratch not only to optimize in real-time for performance, but also to report in real-time for our clients, so that they can see—exactly when they need to—all the live relevant metrics behind their video advertising campaigns.”

For advertisers, appropriate measurement platforms and technology exist. It’s a matter of researching options and deciding on a company that will meet both brand and consumer needs. Over 80% of advertisers are waiting at least a day to receive campaign analytics and insights—this can be remedied by partnering with companies that are already providing real-time data for video marketing campaigns.

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