Moontoast, Toyota & Video Advertising on Facebook

No, Facebook hasn’t gotten around to introducing video ads on its site. However, there are companies who are finding ways to work around this roadblock. Moontoast, with its Social Rich Media Advertising Platform, pulls both still and video content from Instagram or Vine to create a gallery—this gallery can then be distributed as an ad unit and even integrated into a Facebook feed.

In January, Toyota owned Lexus launched a 10-minute live stream on Facebook debuting its 2014 Lexus IS and IS F Sport models. Using the site’s Page Post and Sponsored Stories ad treatment, Lexus targeted its fans and their friends who could watch the live stream in their News Feeds.

According to Brian Smith, Lexus marketing VP, 100,000 individuals watched it live and some 600,000 had viewed it online within a week. The company credits the campaign’s success to the seamless integration of the video into users’ News Feeds.

“The News Feed is why we got so many people to see it live, and it was kind of a game changer,” Smith said. “We loved it.”

Moontoast, part of Facebook’s preferred marketing developer program, and Saatchi & Saatchi’s Team One worked collaboratively on this project for Lexus. As early as January, brands we’re excited over Facebook’s potential for video advertising.

“Everyone is so familiar with YouTube as a video destination,” said Brian Bolain, Lexus Marketing Director. “This is putting a different spin on Facebook and what the expectations might be for consumers. I am not sure it’s fair to make a comparison between YouTube and Facebook yet. But this is certainly a good start for the learning process.”

Over the past several months, Toyota has been navigating through this learning process. This past week, to promote the 2014 Tundra, the company launched a social-media-generated Facebook campaign that utilizes Instagram videos. Toyota, along with Moontoast and its AOR Saatchi & Saatchi LA, is buying Facebook’s page post link ads to push the 15-second, stop-motion-styled vids. Though the videos will render in users’ News Feeds, they will not play unless someone clicks through to a separate page (see below). Since its posting on November 22, the ad has attracted over 900 likes and 33 additional shares.


“We want to create different ways for our audience to engage, whether that be static posts or embedded video,” Florence Drakton, Toyota’s Social Media Manager, told Adweek. “It’s a little bit early to tell yet [whether the ads perform greatly], but we continue to innovate for our fans.”

In response to the growth of digital and social media consumption, Toyota has increased its advertising budget and resources for these outlets. Moontoast’s Platform enabled Toyota to bring video marketing to Facebook and will also allow for the incorporation of user-generated content (UGC). When it comes to video, users prefer to watch UGC. Therefore, if brands integrate UGC with Moontoast’s ad units, there will be greater potential for increased viewership and engagement with video advertising on social media networks.

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