Marketing to Millennial Moms

The holiday season is upon us, and that means marketers and brands are busy developing and promoting related campaigns. Of course adults have their fair share of fun over the holidays, but most of the hype is all for the kids—and who’s buying most of the costumes, presents and decorations? Moms, of course, and today we’re focusing on the Millennials.

Born between 1978 and 1994, this group accounts for 22% of North American mothers according to research from Weber Shandwick. These women spend more time with their children and consider them the most important people in their lives. The annual DDB Life Style Study found that 70% of Millennial moms say their free time is taken up by activities their kids are in. Additionally, 97% of Millennial moms say their kids are more important than anyone else compared to 86% of Boomer moms.

According to comScore, Millennials are spending $170 billion a year—their purchasing power second only to boomers. Combine that information with the fact that between 1990 and 2006, women’s median income grew 32.9% to $20,014 and you have the recipe for an ideal target audience.

Young mothers are very connected and highly influential on social media. They are digital natives, making them a prominent target for many marketers. Millennial moms are shopping online, using smartphones to make purchases and keep their kids occupied with apps. Eighty-one percent of Millennial moms say that shopping is the No. 1 way they use their smartphone (according to “Moms & Media 2″ a Meredith Parents Network Survey). Marketers must utilize mobile and digital advertising to reach this growing group.

This holiday season, Fisher-Price has set its sights on Millennial moms. Because these women are more socially and digitally savvy, the brand is increasing its digital media spend by 50%.

“We know we need to reach her in this digital space. And we also know this is the time of year millennial moms are doing a ton of research,” said Lisa McKnight, Mattel’s senior VP-Marketing for North America. “They want to make informed decisions when they make their purchases.”

Fisher-Price’s “Share the Joy” campaign uses three online videos from Weber Shandwick that feature reworked, classic holiday songs. Just by visiting the landing page, viewers earn a $5 coupon. If someone chooses to share the video with friends, Fisher-Price offers the incentive of an additional $5 off. This strategy is aimed at Millennial moms who are more likely to trust third party recommendations.


For holiday campaigns this year, brands should take advantage of the Millennial mom market. Provide these women with online video content and other digital elements that are designed for simultaneous consumption and engagement. Millennial moms gravitate toward brands that are helpful, honest and authentic—keep this in mind when developing your advertising efforts. For even more information about Millennial moms, check out the infographic below from Weber Shandwick.


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