Magisto Making Waves

Ever been at a three day music festival and been so overwhelmed by the number of pictures and videos you want to share that you end up losing your mind pondering the perennial question – “to ‘gram or not to ‘gram”? Or spent forever sifting through and selecting clips from the series of hazy videos you managed to capture mid-fist pump?

We’ve transitioned to a social media state of mind where we don’t merely want to capture the moment; we want to capture the entire experience. But the days of posting a 200 photo album from “da club” last night, are over. We want one picture, one video, one share to do all the work. Magisto helps you do just that. It allows you to simply select the videos you want to share and automatically creates a slick, shareable mini-movie with a soundtrack of your choice.

Instagram helps you edit, Vine is all about the video, Facebook was the first social media site, which didn’t fizzle out a la MySpace. Magisto’s the new kid on the block, which is solely dedicated to memory compilation. It’s no wonder then that the app already has 13 million users and recently added two more heavy hitters to their list of investors; Qualcomm and Sandisk.

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