Industry Leader Google Embraces Digital Campaigns

Digital campaigns are set to become the backbone of advertising. Google just signed a $100 million deal with Publicis’ DigitasLBi and Razorfish. The partnership is said to focus on creative digital content creation, which will be distributed via YouTube. If Google’s doing it, it’s probably on the helm of becoming a cultural phenomenon. Surely then, this is the year of the viral video.

Torrence Boone, MD of America’s agency of business development at Google had some interesting thoughts to share on where he thinks the partnership is headed. He references Ogilvy’s revolutionary Dove Real Beauty campaign for Unilever as an act to follow. As a digital campaign distributed online, it broke the mold and challenged the 100 billion dollar beauty industry that spends roughly 25% of its revenue on advertising, to be a little less painfully dull. The video boasts almost 60 million YouTube views and has been considered a runaway success.

“That’s the kind of campaign type that we’re looking to replicate by having a significant upfront commitment and rallying additional resources like creative planning, content data and analytics,” said Boone.

We already see evidence of this shift in Google’s strategy taking place through its latest video offering in the Indian market. “Reunion” hit the Internet two days ago and has attracted over two million YouTube views and 600,000 social shares. The tear-inducing video follows two youths’ attempt to re-unite their grandfathers, who used to be childhood friends in pre-partition India.

This video is a striking illustration of Google’s keen understanding of its target audience and their emotional vulnerabilities. Google used this video to tap into the technologically mobile section of the Indian population which is largely comprised of a younger demographic. The brand suitably sees this group as a potent tool to reach the other sections of society, and the ad is a depiction of just that.

Creative digital content creation has become a priority for Google. We’ll see the effects of the company’s newly formed partnership as more and more brands focus marketing efforts on the digital space.

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