404 Error and Brands

The 404 error or the “Page not found” problem is pretty infuriating. It’s a virtual dead end that forces you to find another route. As awful as it was for the user to encounter, until recently it was even more of a problem for the website owners. Brands don’t want unsightly error pages interrupting users’ interactions with their owned content. Because let’s face it, the second the 404 hits the screen, you’re closing the window and moving on.

In recent times, courtesy some serious marketing genius, the 404 page has gone from being a bane to a boon for both brands and users alike. It’s become a space where brands can speak to the consumer and forge a bond over the shared traumatic experience. It’s a place where the brand can personify itself, make itself relatable and really shine.

Here are some of our favorites:






404 pages are also embedded with behind-the-scenes videos, funny gags, links to the brand’s social media profiles and more. Instead of being a dead end, it is now an expressway to increased user-brand interactions. From being an innovate anomaly, having a tricked out 404 page is now becoming a must-have for every brand.

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