Using Online Video to Affect Every Level of the Purchase Funnel

Building awareness—the first step in driving consumers through the purchase funnel. There are many ways advertisers can initiate this first step, one of which being online video marketing. According to a recent report from eMarketer, the use of digital video for awareness is universal. A December 2012 study from Sharethrough found that 94.6% of US media agencies cite awareness as an objective for branded online video efforts.

But what about the mid- and bottom-funnel objectives? Slowly but surely, marketers are finding ways to use online video to affect the lower levels of the purchase funnel. In this article, we’ll reference the ViralGains purchase funnel (below) as we discuss ways in which advertisers can utilize branded videos to affect each individual phase.




Almost any kind of branded online video will aid in generating awareness. Whether you’re a new or established business, creating an explainer video is an excellent online video marketing strategy. Not only will it build awareness for your brand, but it will also help in guiding viewers through the rest of the purchase funnel. We recently released a ViralGains explainer video that makes it easier for customers to understand our product and its benefits. We’ll also be able to share this video on our website and across social platforms, maximizing brand awareness.

Creating an explainer video is an appropriate starting point. To drive further awareness, use branded video ads, user-generated content and lifestyle videos.


To engage potential customers, you have to get social. Produce video content that will generate conversations and viewer interactions. Take advantage of social video apps like Vine and Instagram Video. Capture your awesome employees and company culture on film to get people excited and invested in your brand. Here’s a great example from Hubspot:


Once people engage with your brand and seek out more information, you can meet them at the discovery phase. They may check out your website in order to find more information before making their purchase decision. Provide them with informative videos such as product demonstrations and customer testimonials. Ultimately, at this point, you have to give them a reason to move down to the “purchase” level of the funnel.


Now that your customer has moved into the purchase phase, reinforce their purchasing decision. Utilize video for how-tos, FAQs, and customer support. Make the purchase and post-purchase experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. If people have access to quick videos that walk them through the product and answer any questions they may have, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you again.


So now that you have them, how do you keep them? Using video to foster retention rates is easier than you think. Create “thank you” videos to strengthen consumer-brand relationships. You could even offer rewards to loyal customers through digital video efforts. Keep your customers updated on new products and developments with video as well (great to incorporate into email marketing).

Though we’ve given you specific examples of videos to use at each level of the purchasing funnel, your branded videos could affect more than one phase. Don’t get too caught up in creating specific videos for each individual phase. Just make sure you’re producing a variety of online video content that will aid in your efforts to drive consumers through the purchase funnel.

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