Use Sports Clips for Videos That Pack a Punch

Anyone who has ever tried to cover sports, professional or otherwise, will inevitably run into the same problem: How do you color the story with appropriate imagery without violating a copyright imposed by a professional organization? Sports can make for some of the most compelling images and videos, but without access to showcase that imagery you’re at a loss. It turns out, though, that a great and wanted clip of someone on the ice, or the field, or the court is available through stock video sites.

If you want to find an audience that will love and share your video, you need to make something that gets the details right. Sure, you won’t get Gretzky or Jordan there, but you’re better off with something that illustrates a level of ferocity and competition more than something bland and blase. Here are a few of the many examples of what you can use to go the distance with your projects:

Screen Time

Even if you’re not making a video with a narrative centered around sports, you can still find good use for a clip that puts the heat of battle on full display. For instance, if you’re shooting your video in a bar, you may need a game to be playing on the television screens in the background. Football-loving patrons, even fictional ones, need something to watch on Sundays. It’s costly to get rights to re-air a real game, but you can use a good clip to leave the same impression on both the viewers on-screen and the viewers at home.

Metaphors Galore

One of the great things about sports is how versatile the language and culture is. We use so many phrases on a regular basis that are borrowed from the sports world, many of which we don’t even realize originated there. If you’re making a video focused on pursuing and achieving dreams, you’ll want to back it up with some imagery that reflects it. There’s no better way to paint the picture in a presentation or marketing video. You can use a strategically-placed video clip like the one above inside an introduction or a montage. Your audience will walk away inspired and believing in success.

Prep Work

Part of any sports story is the preparation time that goes into battle; people don’t just show up to the ring ready to go. You can depict the hard work and hustle that goes into getting ready, similar to the famous scene in Rocky where the protagonist races around Philadelphia as he gets into shape for his bout. Your videos will need to match that intensity if you want to capture a following. Companies looking for a way to build a new campaign, identity, or even just a holiday sale would be wise to pull some imagery that will pack a punch.

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