Trending in Online Video Marketing: Be Epic in Your Underwear

Whether you’re looking for designer briefs or simple boxers, Paul Smith and Fruit of the Loom have you covered. Both launched online video marketing efforts last week that give you a glimpse of how epic you can be in the right pair of underwear.

To promote the Paul Smith underwear autumn/winter collection, slackliners Antoine Moineville and Tancrède Melet stripped down to their skivvies and performed breathtaking stunts 2,500 meters above ground in the French Alps.

This short film celebrates the vibrancy of the brand and collection, hitting home with adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers alike. The video has earned around 200,000 YouTube views and 23,000 social shares.

Fruit of the Loom caters to the extreme with its new online videos as well. From Crispin Porter & Bogusky, these spots highlight the power of underwear to bring out the “invincible badass” in us all. Are they “overplaying the underpants? Possibly.”

These commercials have over 500,000 combined YouTube views and 5,000 social shares. The brand has also teamed up with LinkedIn to give thousands of users who get a new job in October free underwear and a $5 coupon. The theme of the campaign is “Start Happy,” and that means putting on the right pair of underwear at the beginning of the day.

“We found that there’s a universal truth between men and women, who say, ‘If I put on the wrong underwear at the beginning of the day, it’s going to derail,’ ” said Matt Fischvogt, creative director of Crispin Porter & Bogusky’s Boulder office. “You want underwear that you can count on not itching you in the middle of the day, not riding up and giving you a wedgie.”

To complement the campaign, billboard ads with slogans like, “Laugh lines, not panty lines,” “Bright-eyed and cotton-bottomed” and “Don’t get yourself in a bunch,” will appear in cities including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Apparently, October is underwear season and brands are experimenting with big things when it comes to online video marketing. We’ll see in coming months if sales improve for either of the companies, but for now, the videos are generating significant awareness and persuading people that with the right pair of underwear, anything is possible.

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