The Why, How, and What of Viral Marketing

ViralGains is evolving as a company. We have a new website, new product, and a new explainer video. We have built everything around the idea of viral marketing. All of the new stuff is reflective of a growing demand in the advertising industry for digital word of mouth at scale. In human history, word of mouth has been known to be the oldest and most powerful form of advertising.

At ViralGains, we translated the science of viral marketing into technology by measuring how consumers watch, share, and talk about video content. Our advertisers who access these consumers are able to do so in precise and meaningful ways that build relationships.

The most successful brands are those that inspire affection among their customer base. It requires good product design, consistent marketing message, and other factors.

A good marketing message conveyed in a video is most effective when reaching customers who are interested in your brand. Video provides a glimpse of reality, and it is increasing in popularity with marketers. Here is our new explainer video that walks you through the new ViralGains and the nature of viral marketing.

Our new product was built with the help of our agency and brand partners. We worked with them for a year on understanding what innovation they need in digital media.

We arrived at the conclusion that viral marketing should be defined by maximizing social engagement on a video campaign. We built this into our technology with programmatic planning and buying.

Our technology makes intelligent decisions to maximize successful outcomes in real time. We have previously highlighted the importance of Earned Media* as the key to viral marketing success. Ultimately, we have built programmatic decision making that optimizes for Earned Media.

Our new improvements are an exciting evolution for ViralGains and for the digital media industry as a whole. Going forward, we intend to work with more awesome brands and agencies to maximize the viral impact of their video content. We’re committed to taking customer feedback and building the best viral marketing engine for our users to take advantage of.

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