Online Video Inspiration: Capture People Doing Awesome Things with Your Product

When it comes to online video marketing, there are so many different messages you can send to your audience. You can highlight exciting product features, focus on humor, tell a story, use celebrity endorsers, and the list goes on. Some companies, like GoPro for example, use online video to showcase the amazing ways people are using their products in everyday life.

This week, GoPro’s Fireman ad earned the number one spot on Adweek’s Top 10 YouTube Brand Videos. In the spot, firemen enter a charred house where one finds a kitten that has passed out due to smoke inhalation. The GoPro camera attached to his helmet captured the whole ordeal as the fireman picked up the kitten, carried it to safety and performed lifesaving procedures.

In one week, this online video has earned over 15 million YouTube views and 1.2 million social shares. The internet’s love of cats no doubt played a role in this video’s popularity, but ultimately it was seeing a hero in action saving the life of a helpless animal that inspired millions to watch and share.

GoPro’s YouTube channel has a slew of videos produced with its cameras that follow snowboarders, mountain bikers, surfers, kayakers and other thrill seekers. Even though these videos were shot with GoPro gear, the product plays a behind-the-scenes role. The commercials’ primary focus is people and the amazing feats they take on. Of course, a product shot and logo appear at the end of the videos, but otherwise the viewer is totally immersed in the world of the adventurers.

The videos above have almost 35 million combined views and 2.5 million social shares. Obviously, people are more likely to watch and love these videos featuring real extreme sports enthusiasts over the typical camera advertisement that may only discuss the product’s features and capabilities.

If you have a cool product, create online video marketing content that shows people using it in amazing ways. Consumers will be able to relate to these videos and you’ll be able to strengthen their relationship with your brand.


Another video from GoPro uploaded on September 30. As of October 3, it has earned over 1.1 million YouTube views.

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