When it Comes to Online Video Advertising, Music Matters

There is power in music. It affects thoughts, moods and sometimes even behavior. Understandably, this is why music is so important when it comes to online video advertising. Not only does the right music enrich the key message, but it also taps into a consumer’s emotions resulting in better retention rates and attitude toward the brand.

Using the Harvard Implicit Attitude Test, a study was conducted around VW advertising. The test tracks the speed at which consumers answer questions about a brand—the quicker the response, the deeper the connection with the brand. They found that ads with music increased response time to brand-affinity questions by 11% over the same ads with no music. Ultimately, a deeper connection was achieved by incorporating music.

Additionally, IPA dataBANK recently compared ads with and without music and found that the ads with music were 20-30% more effective at achieving the desired business results tied to the ad.

Advertisers have a plethora of options when it comes to incorporating music into branded videos.

  • You can capitalize on pop music

  • You can use an instrumental score to evoke certain emotions

  • You can repurpose a classic

  • You can use a mashup

Most importantly, make sure the music is a direct reflection of the brand’s message. If it’s on point, you’ll see a greater response from viewers. If it doesn’t accurately represent the ad, it has the power to negatively affect the viewer. Below is an excellent example of how music can enhance the attitude and message of the spot.

Music plays such a large role in most of our lives, it’s no wonder we react positively when music perfectly complements a branded online video. On that note, we’ll leave you with a video that celebrates people from around the world as they share their love and even addiction to music.

Know of any other branded videos that have a killer soundtrack? We’d love to see them!

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