‘It’s Friday!’ Viral Videos So Bad They’re Good

It’s Friday, so we’re going to have a little fun. Online videos are awesome…well most of them are. So many people spend a crazy amount of time on YouTube searching for inspiring, outrageous and all around incredible videos. A majority of online videos do end up falling into one of those three categories, but then again, there are millions of videos that don’t. Sometimes, we end up finding some of the weirdest, most awful videos and we can’t help but watch.

A prime and more recent example of this would be Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” music video. The lyrics, the music, the actors, the singing—all completely horrible. So how the heck did it blow up, earning over 58 million views and 5.7 million social shares? We love watching train wrecks happen and we love showing our friends the train wreck so we can bask in its awfulness together.

So here’s the original version:

But just in case you’re too embarrassed to watch it, here’s a spoof that’s absolutely hilarious. This video has earned 42 million views on YouTube.

Now we’ll take you back to the beginning. This was one of the first videos I ever saw on YouTube and I immediately bought the song. It’s truly a mix of weird and awesome:

This video has amassed 52 million views and 834,000 social shares. Whenever anyone hears this song, most thoughts drift back to this guy who made it all the more awesome with his killer dance moves.

Bananas, cats and shoes accurately sum up the next three wacky videos. Vitor Petrone, our Operations Manager was kind enough to share this beauty with me today. I was impressed, to say the least.

With 34 million YouTube views and 3.6 million social shares, this video obviously capitalizes on people’s secret desire to be bananas.

The internet loves cats so does this woman. I mean she loves cats A LOT. Yes, this turned out to be a publicity stunt but the video earned her almost 27 million views and 6 million social shares.

Here’s a parody song version that’s pretty catchy, with almost as many views as the original video.

And last but not least, “Let’s get some shoes.”

Cross dressing and singing about shoes earned this YouTuber 51 million views and 1.3 million social shares.

Sometimes the worst YouTube videos can be the best. Sharing these disastrous videos with others gives us a weird form of satisfaction. It’s just more fun to bash videos with other people, apparently. Anyways, hope these videos made your Friday a little bit better. Have an awesome weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday with another new blog post!

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