Holiday Marketing: Halloween Edition

Halloween is coming up this Thursday and marketers have been milking it for all its worth. People spend billions of dollars on candy, costumes and decorations each year, it’s no wonder brands want a piece of that action.

From food to smart phones, to paint, marketers are using Halloween to sell it all.

To start off, we’ve got Adweek’s Ad of the Day which they’ve entitled, “The Year’s Meanest, Funniest, Grossest, Cutest Halloween Spot.” From Publicis Kaplan Thaler, this spot asserts that candy is an essential part of Halloween. Thankfully, Oral-B and Crest will be there to help when it’s all over. The video has earned over 500,000 views on YouTube and 34,000 social shares.

Next up is a spot from Verizon Wireless and mcgarrybowen with a family flaunting amazing Star Wars costumes and some new Samsung gear.

Below, Mini USA and Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners promote the spacious Mini and claim you’ll feel secure inside. It starts off like a typical horror flick, but soon adopts a humorous tone as the “scarers” become the “scared.”

How do you use Halloween to sell paint? With a stunt of course. The Martin Agency out of Richmond, Va. and Benjamin Moore worked together to create this video which features some very spooked painters.

Century 21 with agency Mullen also took a stab at some Halloween marketing, claiming that yes, they can sell your slightly haunted apartment. One video is posted below; the other four in the series can be seen here. put out the next video as part of its Halloween campaign, encouraging viewers to visit the most haunted hotels in America. From Wieden + Kennedy, this spot has racked up over 100,000 YouTube views and almost 1,000 social shares.

Not only are brand using YouTube and television to market Halloween videos, they’re also using Vine. Tide launched a seven-part Halloween campaign on Twitter’s mobile-social video platform. From Proctor & Gamble, these short clips play off of classic scary films, like Carrie (see below).

Hope these videos got you fired up for Halloween, stay tuned for our Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas editions coming soon. Have a great weekend!

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