Brands and Instagram Video: New Insights from Unruly Media

Four months ago, Instagram introduced its video feature to the world. Entering the market ready to compete with the ever-popular Vine, Instagram video had its work cut out for it. To differentiate itself, Instagram presented users with the ability to shoot 15-second clips with 13 different filters.

Within the first 24 hours of the Instagram video launch in June, users uploaded five million videos. Brands were quick to jump on this advertising opportunity as media sites across the web spewed out hundreds of articles filled with advice on how and why brands should utilize this online video platform.

Early on, research found that twice as many brands used Instagram videos over Vine. Also, Instagram videos saw significantly higher (over 2X) engagement than Instagram photos. Consequently, over the past few months, brands have been hard at work producing thousands of unique, creative videos for fans.

Now, research from Unruly Media collected from Sept. 9 to Oct. 9 found that 40% of the top 1000 most shared Instagram videos were brand generated. Four out of the top five most shared Instagram videos were branded, with MTV claiming the number one spot. With 84 videos in total (all in the top 1000), MTV generated 134,110 shares across Twitter, Facebook and other social sites.

Below is the list of the top 10 brands with the most Instagram video shares (excludes music/TV/film entertainers).

1. MTV—134,110

2. NBA—68,463

3. Peanuts—43,227

4. GoPro—35,097

5. Miami Heat—28,465

6. Wendy’s—23,833

7. Topshop—23,347

8. Starbucks—22,035

9. ABC—21,782

10. HBO’s “Girls”—21,769

The most viral branded video on Instagram was Peanuts’ Snoopygram with 26,962 shares.

Facebook is obviously the top site for Instagram video sharing, with nine out of 10 videos posted here. A total of 176,016 Instagram videos were shared on Twitter.

Currently, around 80 brands are marketing with Instagram video. We will definitely see more growth in this area as companies continue to experiment with social video. Below, we’ve listed a few Instagram videos from the top 10 brands for you to enjoy.

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