3 Ways Startups Are Utilizing Online Video Marketing

Today we’re talking about video content and startups. As a startup ourselves, ViralGains is currently working on producing video content for clients and new recruits. In fact, today we have Skyscope, an East Coast video production agency, shooting some awesome footage of the ViralGains team. As a viral video marketing company, it’s imperative that we offer potential customers and hires video content. As a startup, it’s equally important to create online videos.

Currently, ViralGains is participating in MassChallenge, a startup accelerator based in Boston, MA. We’re surrounded by other startups, some of which have started creating their own online video content. It’s awesome to see small companies doing big things with their video advertising efforts.

The first example is from fellow startup ZBoard who used an online video to promote their Hoverboard. They took a fun, wacky approach in presenting their product and have earned almost 2,000 YouTube views since launching the video yesterday.

Another way startups can use video is to promote Kickstarter campaigns. 88 Acres makes healthy snacks in a facility free of the top eight food allergens. They initiated their Kickstarter September 22 with the video below:

The campaign ends tomorrow and 88 Acres successfully raised $11,000 more than their $20,000 goal. In the process, they attracted almost 400 backers. Funding is essential for startups and launching a Kickstarter with a video is an excellent way to gain support.

For any startup, having an explainer video is the best way to introduce a product/service to the world. Providing potential customers with a simple video explaining a product is much more effective than describing it in a block of text. Greenvolved, a startup out to literally change the world, created this explainer video which has earned over 56,000 views on YouTube.

All three of these examples increase reach and visibility, which are the top two reasons startups must take advantage of online video marketing. Primarily, startups focus on generating awareness and developing a larger customer base—online video is an ideal tool for both. Posting content on YouTube and other video streaming sites allows startups to reach thousands of people who may have been unreachable otherwise.

At ViralGains, we’re so excited that startups are using online video to tell their stories in exciting ways—we look forward to seeing more video content from MassChallenge startups as they strive to maximize awareness and exposure for their brand.

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