Twitter, Instagram, Vine: Ready or Not, Here Comes Mayhem

Three days in, and Mayhem (@Mayhem) has tweeted 470 times. Of those tweets, 447 were whale facts posted in an attempt to induce a Twitter overload and the “Fail Whale” error message.



This is only the first of many chaotic stunts Mayhem will pull across Twitter, Instagram and Vine. Over the past three years, Mayhem has represented Allstate through television, radio and Facebook, attracting over 1.6 million fans. It’s taken some time, but the company finally decided to introduce Mayhem to these popular channels.

“The instantaneous every day, every minute nature of Twitter is perfect for Mayhem,” says Lisa Cochrane, Senior Vice President, Allstate integrated marketing communications, in a release. “Mayhem, like Twitter, is everywhere all the time, and Allstate’s use of @Mayhem is a constant reminder that the good hands of Allstate can protect you from the uncertainties of life.”

Activated by agency Leo Burnett, @Mayhem will capitalize on real-time events and live tweet to followers at unexpected moments. The account will also follow scripted story lines that take place over several days. Fans will have the opportunity to interact with @Mayhem as the stories unfold.

“In 2010, we had no idea where social was headed. But we did know we had an idea that could be expressed across channels,” said Susan Credle, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett. “Mayhem is social by design. We have been careful to make sure we understand the voice of the character and how that voice works with the brand. Facebook was a terrific platform to find that voice. And now we feel confident about embracing the open platform of Twitter.”

The “Mayhem” campaign has been successful with television ads and online videos—if Allstate is able to consistently maintain Mayhem’s voice through Twitter, these efforts will no doubt produce similar results.

The company promises that #ThisWillBeMayhem, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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