The New Trend in Online Video Marketing: Chickens

Apparently, you can use chickens to advertise just about anything. From cars, to cameras, to actual chicken, these feathery fowl have helped sell it all. For years, marketers have incorporated chickens in humorous advertising attempts. Understandably, fast food chains use chickens to promote new chicken menu items, but for companies like Nike, Fujifilm and Mercedes-Benz, using chickens is a bit more of a stretch.

In February, Fujifilm released this video playing off of a chicken’s ability to hold its head and neck steady even when the rest of the body is moving.

It’s earned around 100,000 views on YouTube. Then this September, Mercedes-Benz launched a similar spot promoting the stability of its Intelligent Drive feature. This video exploded after hitting YouTube on September 23. The spot has earned 3.6 million views and 356,000 social shares.

There’s been a debate on which came first, Fujifilm or Mercedes-Benz. Some say the car commercial was shot sometime last year and others argue that Fujifilm had the idea first. Either way, Mercedes-Benz is reaping the rewards.

Now, one or two companies featuring chickens in their advertising wouldn’t be much to write about. But after Foster Farms and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners launched their new chicken ads today, I couldn’t resist. The chickens in these commercials aren’t just moving, they’re also clucking out 80s hits.

“These are songs that get stuck in your head,” says GSP executive creative director Margaret Johnson. “And these spots are just little fun nuggets to remind you of the brand. Yeah, I said nuggets.”

Adweek has already claimed the campaign to be its ad of the day. YouTube is still processing the video views, so there’s no concrete number yet. These spots have already begun to generate buzz for Foster Farms and will continue to do so.

Chickens are doing big things for brands, so I wouldn’t be surprised if other companies started experimenting with chicken concepts. Here’s an old spot from Nike featuring an angry chicken. It’s pretty funny.

These chicken commercials are great examples of how brands are thinking outside the box to market their products. Sure, a chicken may have absolutely nothing to do with a camera or luxury vehicle, but finding a comparison between the two and highlighting it in an online video works. The absurdity of the chicken encourages people to watch, laugh and share, driving the video’s popularity through the roof.

Though a chicken commercial may not work for every brand, taking a creative leap every now and then is a good idea. So which animal do you think marketers should play around with next?

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