Plain and Simple: Why We Love Online Videos

This post is not going to talk about online video from an advertising perspective. I’m not going to list off how many people watch them every day or how many views a specific video got on YouTube this week. Whether it’s a branded ad, music video, parody or even an amateur video someone uploaded for fun, we love watching—and we love sharing even more.

Online videos hold a very special type of magic. They have the power to unite complete strangers, to make a bad day better, and to inspire hope, joy and sometimes even fear.

Just the other day as I was riding the bus home, I witnessed the joyous power of online video. A woman sitting in front of me was playing a video on her smartphone. She started laughing uncontrollably so I gazed over her shoulder to see what all of the fuss was about. She was watching some sort of cooking show and live chickens were running around the kitchen. She was laughing so hard she couldn’t contain it—she immediately turned to the passenger seated beside her and showed her the video too.

I couldn’t believe it. This woman turned to a complete stranger just so she could share a funny bit in the video she was watching. At that moment, I realized how lucky I was to be working in the online video world. For myself and the rest of the ViralGains team, this reaction to an online video is what makes it all worth it. We want people to be so entertained and impassioned by a video that they can’t help but share it.

Here at ViralGains, we promote online videos every day. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t just as excited as you are about amazing new videos. Ylvis’ “The Fox” is the video currently making its rounds with the ViralGains team. Our COO watched the video and thought it was hilarious. Yesterday, he asked every single member of our team if they had seen it yet. If they had, a laugh was shared over its complete absurdity. If not, he immediately sent the link and listened in as the new viewer watched it for the first time.

He would even pull up the video and have it play out loud at random times throughout the day. It would catch everyone’s attention and have us all laughing again. He just played it again right now. I’m totally serious, he didn’t even know I was writing this. Now he’s singing it to himself. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of online video—it inspires laughter, camaraderie and makes everyone’s day a little bit better.

Though this isn’t the most scholarly article, we just wanted to share our love of video with you. Down below we’ve put some random videos we thought were funny, inspiring or just plain share worthy. Feel free to send us some videos you think are shareable too. Enjoy and have an awesome Thursday!

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