‘Legends Aren’t Born, They’re Dropped:” Heineken Campaign Aimed at Adventurers

In June, Heineken and Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam launched “Dropped,” a reality-style web series following people placed in remote locations around the world. Previous episodes dropped participants in Alaska, Cambodia, Morocco and Poland. The current videos feature a Pole and Irishman handcuffed together on a deserted island in the Philippines. The five installments of this series have earned over 2 million YouTube views and thousands of social shares.

Above is the trailer, the full series can be seen here on the brand’s interactive YouTube page devoted to the campaign.

In its recent marketing efforts, Heineken has highlighted travelers and adventurers across the globe. According to Heineken’s brand director, Belen Pamukoff, the company’s approach is to appeal to the millennial consumers, who crave challenge and exploration, and whose passion points are travel and music.

The brand is promoting spontaneity, urging people to be travelers, not tourists. In a departure from typical beer promotion which relies on humor and sex appeal, Heineken is taking a closer look at its audience and tailoring marketing efforts accordingly.

As an added bonus, these types of unscripted shows are cheaper and easier to produce. They have also gained more popularity, thanks to shows like NBC’s “Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls.” With short reality show clips, brands can cast their target audience, give fans 15 minutes of fame and generate social shares with relatable characters. Casting nonactors is “going to be immediately more potentially recognizable as being you,” said Wieden ECD Mark Bernath.

The company designed an integrated campaign that allows consumers to have an immersive experience via its YouTube channel. With its unique concept and implementation, Heineken’s “Dropped” campaign generated major buzz in the advertising world and successfully engaged consumers around the world.

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