Give Consumers Decision Making Power to Drive Engagement

In this day and age, giving consumers decision making power is key. People need their voices to be heard and their opinions to matter, especially when it comes to interacting with a brand. When consumers are presented with customizable options and the ability to make decisions for a company, they engage with a brand on a deeper, humanized level driving sales and retention rates.

With all of the smartphone buzz generated by Apple over the past few weeks, it has been easy to see how much consumers actually prize custom options. Though Apple is only scratching the surface of personalized options with new colored iPhones, people are ecstatic. So much so, that in the first three days the company sold nine million iPhones.

However, another type of phone is dominating the online video space. Spoiler alert: it has more customizable features than Apple could ever dream of. Phonebloks is only a concept, but the explainer video has been generating mass awareness across video and social sites. In two weeks the video has earned over 14 million YouTube views and 1.2 million social shares.

The company has also gained support through Thunderclap. If 800,000 people support Phonebloks by October 29, then Thunderclap will post a Tweet/Facebook status on each supporter’s behalf promoting the product. At this time, the company has 802,172 supporters, so you will be seeing these posts throughout your Facebook and Twitter feeds on October 29.

People are so excited about this product because of the level of customization it provides. Anyone would be thrilled with the ability to choose a larger battery life or maybe a larger camera for their phone. Because people can personalize the phone to such a degree, they are excitedly engaging with the brand through views, social shares and mass support. Hopefully one day, we’ll see this product come to life and change the smartphone space for good.

Walmart is another company that is giving consumers power when it comes to decision making. With its first ever web series, Walmart is letting viewers decide which new products will be introduced both in stores and online. Featuring products from 20 U.S. entrepreneurs, the five videos in the series will be released each week through October 22. In each episode, four entrepreneurs will pitch their product and at the end of the series whichever earns the most votes will have the opportunity to appear on Walmart shelves online and maybe even across the country.

Giving consumers decision making power over new products or customizable options is an effective way increase awareness and engage consumers. People are more likely to interact with your brand if they feel like their opinion matters. Voters will decided which product Walmart introduces just as users will determine which blocks go in their personalized phones. Standing out and having a voice are important priorities for many people today. Let consumers make decisions regarding your product and its features—you will most likely attract a larger fan base and ultimately increase retention rates.

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