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We’ve discussed small businesses and we’ve discussed midsize businesses. Today, we’ll highlight a few enterprise businesses that are entertaining consumers with constant viral video advertising efforts. When it comes to viral videos, larger brands do have certain advantages. They can hire creative and media agencies to produce and distribute high quality, professional content across multiple platforms and channels.

However, the ability to produce a constant stream of viral video content is not always guaranteed. If they’re lucky, enterprise businesses may have one or two videos go viral. Therefore, it’s important to acknowledge and learn from the brands that are earning millions of YouTube views and social shares on a consistent basis.

Foot Locker

Within the last year or so, Foot Locker’s online video advertising efforts have exploded. Over 20 of the brand’s YouTube videos have received more than 1 million views—the most popular video on the channel has 6.5 million views and 43,000 social shares.

Featuring high profile celebrities and all-star athletes, Foot Locker’s top videos have earned almost 55 million combined views. The brand works with BBDO New York to create engaging content tailored for consumers.

Media spending and celebrity endorsements drive Foot Locker’s campaigns, though the video concepts play an important role. The ads are witty and humorous, encouraging shares and conversations across social sites. These viral videos no doubt played a role in increasing the company’s revenue by $1 billion from 2012 to 2013.


Nike brings inspirational messages, professional athletes and average Joes together to create a constant stream of viral hits. Their most recent spot, “Possibilities,” from Weiden+Kennedy racked up 10 million YouTube views in two weeks.

Nike’s “Find Your Greatness,” campaign produced a couple viral videos for the brand as well. The spots below have 7.5 million combined YouTube views and 240,000 social shares.

The brand motivates viewers with a powerful charge. People are encouraged to “Just Do It,” and “Find Your Greatness.” They then want to share these inspirational messages with others, and therein lies the fuel for virality.


Geico boasts one of the most viral campaigns of all time—its Happier Than campaign has driven over 22 million YouTube views. The brand’s “Hump Day” spot alone has earned 13 million views and 3.4 million social shares.

The humor and outrageousness of the spots have entertained viewers worldwide. The campaign spots below have 5.3 million combined views and 587,000 social shares.

Geico found what worked and kept expanding with new, creative spots. It’s rare to see multiple videos from the same campaign go viral, but Geico kept viewers engaged with its content, driving shares and interactions across the web.


These are a few stand-out enterprises that have been successful in consistently creating viral video content. Whether it’s due to celebrity endorsements, humor or outrageous elements, all of these videos convey a strong message in a unique way, fueling shares and ultimately virality.


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