Top 7 Creative Agencies That Make Viral Videos

We’ve compiled this list as a resource for you. Whether you’re looking for a creative agency or just searching for inspiration, check it out—these incredible companies have a lot to offer.


This agency is all about viral videos, mashing-up “viral fun with marketing function.” Executing huge stunts and capturing it all on video, Thinkmodo has produced viral sensations for Oakley, Relativity Media, AMC and 20th Century Fox. When DISH Network dropped AMC’s The Walking Dead, Thinkmodo released terrifyingly lifelike zombies onto the streets of New York. The video earned over 22 million views and 800,000 social shares. Watch the original video and Thinkmodo’s case study below.


As an independent, creatively driven agency, W+K believes that no matter when, where or how you share an idea, it has to be a good one. This agency has an abundance of good ideas—and it shows. Their extensive client list includes giants like Coca-Cola, P&G, Old Spice and Nike. One of the agencies recent spots for Nike, “Possibilities,” went viral just days after launching. Over the past two weeks the video has racked up over 9 million YouTube views and 200,000 social shares.


A full-service design and advertising agency, 72andSunny prides itself on finding new ways to connect with people through any and all mediums. When it comes to viral videos, this agency’s ads have topped the charts and stayed there. While they represent clients from Target to Carl’s Jr., their heavy-hitter client is Samsung. Promoting the Samsung Galaxy, 72andSunny produced a spot featuring Jay-Z and his new “Magna Carta Holy Grail” album. The video earned over 50 million YouTube views and 365,000 social shares. A previous campaign for Samsung, “The Next Big Thing is Already Here,” also went viral with 40 million combined YouTube views and 640,000 social shares.


BBDO, based out of New York, is the world’s most awarded advertising agency. The agency’s mission is to create the world’s most compelling commercial content across all mediums and screens. Starbucks, VISA, Johnson&Johnson, FedEx, and Foot Locker are just a few of BBDO’s high profile clients. The agency’s recent Foot Locker spot topped viral video charts across the web. Featuring Shaq and Tyga, the commercial earned over 6.5 million views and 43,000 social shares.

The Martin Agency

Adweek’s 2010 “U.S. Agency of the Year,” The Martin Agency has consistently been ranked among the top five ad agencies by national publications and industry leaders alike. They work with a number of brands including OREO, Discover, Geico, and Pizza Hut. Their recent campaign for Geico, “Happier Than,” has generated millions of views and social shares. Specifically, their “Hump Day” commercial earned over 12 million views and 3 million social shares.


Taking on Goliath marketing challenges, David&Goliath is all about innovation. Their goal is to constantly create unique, engaging brand experiences to keep up with the rapidly evolving industry. This agency represents Vizio, Universal Studios, NFL Media and Kia, among others. The Kia Hamsters are some of David&Goliath’s most well known characters, generating millions of views for the brand. The recent Kia video spotlighting the transformed 2014 Kia Soul has 1.2 million YouTube views and 180,000 social shares.


An award-winning, full service creative agency, Mekanism “sprinkles [their] love of storytelling across integrated advertising, brand entertainment and social media programs to inspire measureable brand loyalty and drive sales.” The agency’s clients include Pepsi, eBay, Gap, Stride Gum, Method and Sega. Their commercial for Method has 1.5 million YouTube views and 7,000 social shares.

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