6 Innovative Media Agencies Leading the Way with Online Video

Horizon Media

At Horizon Media, business is personal and according to the agency, it’s more than just a tagline—it’s who they are and what they do for their clients. Horizon Media is a full service media agency that offers clients complete communications planning and activation across all traditional and emerging channels, including digital, social and mobile. The agency’s services include but are not limited to consumer insights, channel insights, creative media services, creative digital services, and campaign measurement. They’ve executed campaigns for The History Channel, Corona, Rdio, and Geico among others.

One of their recent success stories is Geico’s “Hump Day” commercial. This viral hit earned over 12 million YouTube views and 3.3 million social shares. Horizon Media has been working with Geico and its creative partners for twenty years, developing an iconic and much loved brand by surprising and delighting potential customers.


MEC manages more international media assignments than any other network. The agency delivers maximum value to clients by helping advertisers discover optimum solutions for their brands. MEC has kept up with the ever-changing industry, adding new services to round out their offerings. Clients can access global solutions, digital specialists, analytics and insight, content and programming, marketing features and MEC Bravo, a specialized US Hispanic service. Paramount, Energizer, Citibank, Xerox, AT&T, Macy’s and Sony are several of MEC’s top clients.

For AT&T, MEC took advantage of the popularity of online video and talent competitions by producing an interactive web series which gave anyone, anywhere a shot at stardom. Featuring music manager Johnny Wright, this series drove widespread engagement and changed countless Millennials’ perspective of the brand. Ultimately, this campaign earned 4 million branded video views.

Universal McCann

“Curiosity works…and we can prove it,” boasts Universal McCann. Set on figuring out what works, the agency is in a constant state of testing, learning and trying new things: “It’s the place where the science of flighting, reach and frequency meets the art of engaging audiences in new and innovative ways,” the site states. Universal McCann represents Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Burberry, Chrysler, Brown-Forman and others.

One of their most well-known spots for Chrysler aired during the Super Bowl in 2012. It featured Clint Eastwood and became one of the most talked about ads during the big game. On YouTube, the video racked up almost 12 million views and over 100,000 social shares. This campaign also generated an increase for Chrysler in awareness, favorability and purchase intent.


Razorfish strives to become more of a partner with clients, leading them through the complexities of the industry.  The agency prides itself on the special chemistry it creates by combining technology, creative, media, and emerging experiences. Razorfish offers experience design, brand marketing & storytelling, commerce & marketing platforms, digital performance media and digital strategy & innovation. The agency works with high-profile clients like Axe, Nike, Delta, Audi, McDonalds, Samsung and Mercedes-Benz.

To promote Axe Anarchy, a fragrance for him and her, Razorfish launched a campaign that not only engaged consumers, but was created with them. The agency dove into the world of comics, depicting a larger than life story full of anarchy. Over four months, Anarchy: The Graphic Novel was shaped by the suggestions and votes of consumers—more than 50 consumers were illustrated into the novel. The product trailer generated over 7 million views on YouTube and Anarchy became the #1 selling body spray in the U.S.



The agency for the digital age, R/GA believes their model represents something entirely new in the agency business—one built from the ground up to meet the needs of digital age clients and brands. They offer both creative and media buying services, designing platforms for brands while also generating sufficient awareness for campaigns. Their clients include Nike+, Unilever, Google, Heineken and MasterCard.

For Unilever-owned deodorant brand Rexona, R/GA launched a video campaign encouraging the young and active to “Do More.” The interactive YouTube channel videos earned millions of views and inspired viewers to do more of what they love.


Established as the world’s first media independent in 1968, Carat is now Europe’s largest media network. The agency is set on redefining the role of a media agency—they move beyond the provision of media savings and exploit the new era of media to deliver greater business value to their clients. With extensive service offerings, Carat can provide clients with consumer insight, direct marketing & CRM, market consultancy and analytics, search marketing, social/digital/mobile media and much more. Carat has executed projects for Disney, Mattel, adidas, Nokia, eBay, GM and P&G.

Carat played a huge role in the success of P&G’s Olympic campaign. The agency was able to make P&G an official 2012 Olympics sponsor, leverage Wieden + Kennedy’s emotional creative concept, and distribute the video across every platform from smartphones to stores in 204 international markets.

“The result is the largest and most successful campaign in P&G’s 175-year history. It delivered $200 million in incremental sales, a record-setting ROI. Consumer familiarity with P&G swelled 22 percent,” reports Adweek.

The first video in the campaign “Best Jobs,” was originally placed on P&G’s brand sites. By the time the spot became a television ad it already had 6 million shares. Carat promoted the rest of P&G’s Olympic advertisements, maximizing reach and return.

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